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The Oil Crisis: An Argentine Perspective

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    Soccer unites China and UAE in Pursuing Global Ambitions

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    Apocalypse, Iconoclasm, and ISIS

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    Iranian Women Still Face Barriers Despite Appointment of Woman Ambassador

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    Will Air Raids in Syria Help Enforce Terror-Free Global Order?

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    Will Human Rights Ever Matter in Central Asia?

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    Qatari Labor Reforms: Words but No Actions

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    Portugal: The Left Takes Charge

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    Financing Africa’s Development: Is it Time to Look Within?

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    Who is Russia Bombing in Syria?

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    The Reign of Absurdiocy

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    After Mali Attacks, Counterterrorism Efforts Need to Kick Into High Gear

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    Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game

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    Breeding Intolerance: Turkish Soccer Fans Disrespect ISIS Victims

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    Straining the Republic: France’s State of Emergency

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    Syria: Lessons from Lebanon’s Civil War

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    Cameron Wants to Bomb ISIS in Syria, but it’s Hard to See How that will Make Things any Better

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    The Democratic Republic of the Congo: An Eternal War Zone

  • Time to Defund the International Criminal Court

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    Russia, Turkey, Deconfliction and Distrust

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    Mauricio Macri Wins in Argentina but Return to Neoliberalism Unlikely

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    Revenge is Terrible Foreign Policy

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    What’s Wrong with Venezuela?

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    The Perils of Certainty: Obama and the Assad Regime

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    Turkey Shoots Down a Russian Jet and we Return to the 19th Century

  • Soccer Is Politics

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    La Marseillaise Versus the Quranic Verse 5:32


    1940s vs. 2015: Will Syrian Refugees Compare to European Refugee Statistics?


    U.S. & Turkish Cooperation on Syrian Refugees

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    What is it About Molenbeek?

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    Is the ‘Dead’ Arab World Really Waiting to be Led by Iran?

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