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Trade Unions Test Qatari Sincerity with Demands for Labour Reform

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    Turkish-Russian Tensions Set to Spill onto European Pitches

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    FIFA’s Human Rights Litmus Test: Will it Clean House?

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    Qatari Labor Reforms: Words but No Actions

  • Soccer Is Politics

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    Embattled World Cup Host Qatar Sends Mixed Messages

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    New Qatari Labor Law: Too Little, Too Late

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    A Testimony to Failed Autocracies: Eritrean Soccer Team Defects

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    Qatar’s Economic Diversification and the World Cup

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    Cleaning up FIFA and Football

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    Religious Support for Qatari Labour Reforms puts Gulf States on the Spot

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    Militant Soccer Fans are on a Roll across Eurasia

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    Egypt throws the Dice with Partial Lifting of Stadia Ban

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    Red Card for FDI in Qatar?

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    FIFA Arrests Show Uncle Sam’s Long Reach

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    FIFA Prosecution Worth It, Even If Blatter Gets Away

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    Can Putin Weather a Sliding Ruble?

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    Can Qatar Restore Its Foreign Policy Neutrality?

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    Dilma Rousseff likely to be Reelected, So Why are Brazilians Celebrating?

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    Dirty Wars and Football: The Ghost of General Videla

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    Indian Migrants in Qatar and Narendra Modi’s Predicament

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    Can Qatar Regain Influence in Egypt?

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    Japan’s Growing Influence in the Middle East

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    The Death Mill: Qatar and the World Cup

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    The Promise of Colombia

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    An Easy Way to Improve U.S.-Latin American Relations