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A Fighting Chance for Jeremy Corbyn

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    An Indian Perspective on UK Reparations

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    The Royal Family, the Hitler Salute, and British Policy During the War

  • Gavin Lynn

    The Henry Jackson Society and its Lurch Towards Islamophobia

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    The Difficulty of Remembrance in Germany

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    Is the ‘Brexit’ all Talk?

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    Curious Turnaround: The British Election 2015

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    The Sturgeon Factor: The Scottish National Party and the British Elections

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    British Political Parties Ranked

  • Associated Press

    HSBC Scandals May Lead to Greater Regulation

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    Greece: Fascists At The Gate

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    Why do Americans Fawn over British Royalty?

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    Spreading the Web: The Extent of HSBC’s Tax Evasion Scandal

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    Crowdsourcing the Constitution: New Trends in Political Engagement

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    Stealing the Keys: The SIM Card Hacking Case

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    A Turn to the Right: The Future of the European Union

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    The CIA ‘Torture Report’: A Blow to U.S. Allies?

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    The Presumption of Guilt: David Cameron and Islamic Radicalisation

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    Scotland’s Failed Referendum in Context

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    Europe’s Football Battlefield

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    Algeria’s plans for Shale Gas Bring Risks, few Long-Term Benefits

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    Leaving the Doll’s House, the Scottish Referendum

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    China Shuts down Democracy in Hong Kong

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    Will Scotland have a Territorial Claim to the Antarctic?

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    Airstrikes Alone Won’t Defeat ISIS

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    The Battle for Scotland

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    Decapitating the Union, the Scottish Drive for Independence

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    Bouncing Parliament: Surveillance by Emergency in the UK

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    Scottish Independence is Long Overdue

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    Europe, the Sky’s Not Falling

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    Is it a ‘Euroquake’? Rise of European Far-Right Parties

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    Continental Drift: Europe’s Breakaways

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    Referenda Watching: Crimean Separatism as Fashion

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    A Kuffiya for Tony Benn, the British Warrior Who ‘Matured with Age’

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    The Secessionist Dream: Referenda, Recognition and Crimea

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    Remembering Tony Benn

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    Open Letter to Alex Salmond

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    Iraqi Women under Assault

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    Deep in the Trough: The Politics of EU Corruption

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    Comic Relief: Capitalizing on the Useful Poor