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Pete Souza

The Perils of Certainty: Obama and the Assad Regime


    U.S. & Turkish Cooperation on Syrian Refugees

  • Pete Souza

    On Iran, Obama Will Prevail

  • Google

    The Dark Politics of Dark Money

  • Lingjing Bao

    On Inequality and Redistribution, Washington is Upside Down

  • Reuters

    The Case for Castro: Why the Embargo Needs to End in 2015

  • David B. Gleason

    Accounting for the Pentagon

  • Eric Bridiers

    Israel Denies Spying on U.S.-Iran Nuclear Talks

  • Eric Bridiers

    Iran Nuclear Talks Closing in on Final Agreement

  • Mike Theiler/Reuters

    Auditing the Federal Reserve is a Frightening Idea. Here’s Why

  • Bob Corker/Facebook

    Read White House Letter to Sen. Corker

  • Roll Call

    Cotton’s Iran Letter: The GOP, Iran, and Diplomatic Sabotage

  • Pete Souza

    Republicans Fail in Attempt at a Civics Lecture to Iranian Leaders

  • Netherlands

    The Netherlands Offers Political Lessons for U.S.

  • Nancy Pelosi/Facebook

    Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi

  • via Youtube

    My Takeaway from Bibi’s Speech

  • Benjamin Netanyahu/Facebook

    What to Listen for in Netanyahu’s Speech Today

  • Flash90

    Is Netanyahu’s Speech Much Ado About Nothing?

  • Raqqa Media Center

    What to Expect from Obama’s AUMF ISIL Request

  • Flash90

    Bibi’s Dance with Congress: Israel and the Botched Invitation

  • Eric Bridiers

    The Tehran Test Run

  • Howard Ignatius

    It’s Time to End the Embargo

  • Jolanda Flubacher

    The Bilious Bond Between Bibi, Barack, and Boehner

  • Google

    Industry Interests Could Pave a Rocky Political Path for U.S.-Cuba Relations

  • Aaron Escobar

    U.S.-Cuba Thaw Stepping Stone to Expanded Latin America Trade

  • Lawrence Jackson

    Obama’s Cuba Rapprochement: ‘Witches can be right, Giants can be good’

  • Reuters

    U.S.-Cuba Thaw has a Long Road Ahead

  • Barack Obama

    The CIA ‘Torture Report’: A Blow to U.S. Allies?

  • Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

    The Conversation that is Missing from the CIA ‘Torture Report’

  • Barack Obama

    Four Consequences of Obama’s Immigration Action

  • Pete Souza

    President Obama Overhauls Immigration Reform

  • Eric Bridiers

    Expect an Increase in U.S. Activity in the Middle East

  • Eric Bridiers

    A Republic of Influence: How GOP Battles May Influence American Foreign Policy Moving Forward

  • U.S. Congress

    The Mid-Terms, the Republicans, and U.S. Foreign Policy

  • Pete Souza

    2014 Congressional Elections will Decide Immigration Reform

  • U.S. Congress

    Will Independents Determine U.S. Midterm Elections?

  • Chuck Kennedy

    Falling Short of the Mark: The Eric Holder Dossier

  • Prensa

    In Venezuela, the U.S. Can Gain More by Doing Less

  • Peter Foley/EPA

    Paris Wants to Know: Where is U.S. Leadership in the World?

  • Afghanistan

    Budget Uncertainty puts America’s National Security Interests at Risk