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Is the Military taking Egypt a step back on the Road to Democracy?

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    Partitioning North Africa and the Middle East Might be the Only Option

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    Saudi, Israeli and French Anxiety over U.S.-Iran Rapprochement

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    Turkey and its Neighbors, Turning a New Page?

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    Is the U.S. Losing Saudi Arabia to China?

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    Ethnographic Edge’s Crystal Ball

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    Syria’s Civil War Deepens Political and Religious Divisions in Yemen

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    Punitive Strikes: “Russian Roulette” with Unintended Consequences

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    In Kurdish Syria, a Different War

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    Obama Wins on Syria

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    Opportunity and Peril for the Kurds

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    German Arms Sales and the Middle East

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    Demise of the Arab Spring

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    Turkey’s Fading Middle East Policy

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    Turkey’s Unrest Currents Run Deep

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    Is an Eastern Europe Spring in the Offering?

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    On Revolutions and Protests

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    Resettlement: Solution to the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

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    Morsi Plays the Sectarian Card

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    Brazil in Protest: To what End?

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    Syria and the Monarchs: A Perfect Storm

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    The MENA Saga

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    Turkey’s Taksim Square is not Tahrir

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    Syria as a Game-Changer

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    The White House’s Unworkable Syria Strategy

  • Options Limited to end the Syrian Civil War

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    Turkey’s Unsustainable Middle East Politics

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    Can Erdogan Deliver with Israel?

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    Syria’s Multi-Sided Chess Game

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    On Somalia’s Revival

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    Turkey’s Limited Options with Israel

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    Peace in the Sudans: The U.S. Needs it as Much as the Sudanese

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    Examining Israel’s Syria Bombing

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    Turkey’s Foreign Policy: No Longer Neutral, Far From a Leader

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    Somali-Turkish Relations: Opportunities and Challenges

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    The Syrian Conflict: The Bloody and the New

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    Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia’s Future

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    Red Lines and Syria’s Chemical Weapons

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    From Lisbon to Barcelona: Forgotten EU Instruments

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    I Don’t Know Whether to Kiss You…or Waterboard You