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Tobin Jones

The Role of Health Care in State-Building for Somalia

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    Somalis: After the Terror

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    Why Burundi’s Election Crisis Matters

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    Kenya’s Sorrow: The U.S. Connection

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    Somalia, Al-Shabaab, the Region and U.S. Policy

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    Halt of Remittances Threatens Stability in Somalia

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    Africa’s Rising Political Violence

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    Education for Somalia’s Children is Key to the Future

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    Somalia: Conundrum of an Activist

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    As America Fights Terror, it Loses More Than it Gains

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    Attacking the Islamic State: Henry Kissinger’s World Order Recipe

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    In South Sudan, China Peacemaker Role Marks a First in its Diplomacy

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    Education is the Most Effective Way to Counter Radical Islam

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    Despite its Detractors, the film, ‘The Rise of al-Qaeda’ has its Many Supporters

  • David Mutua

    Somalia: Searching for Unity in a Fragmented Country

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    Egypt and Israel have Maintained Bilateral Relations

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    Can Ethiopian AMISOM Troops be a Neutral Force?

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    In Sudan, Remnants of Colonialism’s Dead Hand

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    What Happened to a Terrorist Corporation?

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    A Look at Muslim-Christian Relations in Ethiopia

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    Fixing Somalia for Future Generations

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    Pandora and The Drones

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    Somalia: Education is the Best Way to Defeat Al-Shabaab

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    Dim Prospects for Peace in Southern Thailand

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    Unmanned Aerial Drones: If Kill You Must…

  • Tobin Jones

    Somalia: Origin, Development and Future of AMISOM

  • Stuart Price

    The Somali Compact: New Deal Fraught with Pitfalls

  • via Youtube

    Al-Shabaab’s Continued Security Threat in the Horn of Africa

  • Book

    Review of ‘Clan Cleansing in Somalia’ by Lidwien Kapteijns

  • Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo

    Obama’s Line in the Sand May Prove to be a Quagmire

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    Why South Africa is not Fit to Lead Africa

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    Africans Question Obama’s visit

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    Readying Outpost in Djibouti for ‘Rapid Response’

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    Arab Spring’s Impact on Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Tobin Jones

    Somalia’s Tribalism spells Trouble for the Future

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    The Impeding Funding Gap in Afghanistan

  • Stories from Somaliland

    Ancient art in Somaliland in Limbo

  • Tobin Jones

    Somalia’s Future Depends on Educating its Youth

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    Obama Renews Sanctions on Somalia

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    State-Building in Somalia: For Whose Benefit?