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Why Did Turkey Shoot Down That Russian Plane?

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    Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game

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    Breeding Intolerance: Turkish Soccer Fans Disrespect ISIS Victims


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    The Price Of Turkey’s Election

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    Soccer Offers Erdogan Headaches Instead of Voters

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    Turkey’s Election Turmoil

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    Turkey’s Election Earthquake

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    Turkey: The Rise of the AKP Interrupted

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    What Will Happen After Turkey’s Elections?

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    Turkey, Democracy, and the Middle East

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    Yemen Re-Draws Middle East Alliances

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    Is this what a Presidential Takeover Looks Like?

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    We Have Lost

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    Syria: Turkey In The Fray

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    Turkey’s Convoluted Path Suggests a Tough Fit Within U.S.-Defined Mission

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    The PKK and Turkey’s Tough Position

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    Spreading the Conflict: Turkey and Australia Join In Attacking ISIS

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    The Politics of the Anti-ISIS Coalition

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    Turkey’s Iran Quandary

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    Is Turkey’s Future a Liberal One?

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    Is Israeli-Turkish Rapprochement Dead? Yes, According to Erdogan

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    What Role Will Turkey Play in Brokering a Gaza Ceasefire?

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    Turkish Kurds and Presidential Politics

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    Time for Turkey to Support an Independent Iraqi Kurdistan

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    Update on the Turkish PM Race

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    News Quiz, Erdogan Soma Edition

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    The Problem with the Turkish Government in a Nutshell

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    Analysis of Turkey and Iran’s Growing Alliance

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    Turkey’s Crisis: More than Meets the Eye

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    From Missile Defense to Chavez’s Death, the 2013 “Are You Serious?” Awards

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    Is the Turkish-Israeli Rapprochement for Real?

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    Turkey and its Neighbors, Turning a New Page?

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    Opportunity and Peril for the Kurds

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    Turkey’s Fading Middle East Policy

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    Turkey’s Unrest Currents Run Deep