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Stefano Sitzia

An Indulgent Strike: Israel, Syria and the Bloody Absurd

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    Egypt Faces a Potentially Chaotic Summer

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    Syria: The World’s Next Genocide

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    Red Lines and Syria’s Chemical Weapons

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    Funding the Unified Front: The Syrian Rebels

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    The Arab Spring Didn’t Buy the West Many Friends

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    World Braces for Syrian Trainwreck

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    U.S. Foreign Policy and the Middle East: The Next Four Years

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    Islamists May Gain Political Control: Part Two

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    Islamists May Gain Political Control: Part One

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    A Muscular Policy in Syria Will Fail

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    Syria and the Dogs of War

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    Barack Obama’s ‘Intelligence Finding’ and the Syrian Civil War

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    Has the United States Abandoned the Syrian Opposition?

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    The West is Playing with Fire in Syria

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    Oil and Hegemon

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    Syria One, Turkey Zero: For Now

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    Grasping the Syrian Quagmire

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    Syria: A Way Out

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    Saudi Arabia and Qatar Ratchet Up Pressure on Assad

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    Now is not the Time for Intervention in Syria

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    The End of Gaddafi, the Beginning of Unknown

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    On Liberation and Libya

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    With Libya, U.S. and Europe have a Buy-In