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The Mixed Record on Abolishing the Death Penalty

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    Consequences of Obama’s ‘Asia Pivot’

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    Food, Disposable Income, and Rising Political Violence

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    2012 “Are You Serious?” Awards

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    Brief Thoughts on the Kerry Nomination and U.S.-Lanka Relations

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    Mali, the Next Jihadist State

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    Reconciliation’s Long Road in Sri Lanka

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    Review of Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Zero Dark Thirty’: The Hunt for bin Laden

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    U.S. Foreign Policy in Central and South Asia

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    America’s Moment to Improve Relations with Libya

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    Foreign Policy Needs More Focus on Security

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    Turkey Haunted by its own Hubris

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    Speech that Spreads Conflict Requires New International Regulation

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    Winning the Peace Prize: The EU and the Ignoble Institution

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    The Empowerment of the Lone Blogger

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    The Crisis in Mali

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    Mali: Not on Clinton’s Farewell Agenda

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    Sectarian Violence in Balochistan

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    Moral Drones and the New York Times

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    Oil and Hegemon

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    Gilani’s Exit Highlights Tensions in Pakistan

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    Damned by Riches: How Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth Undermines NATO Mission

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    Afghanistan: Why a ‘Limited-Win’ is Sustainable

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    Obama’s ‘Kill List’: On War, Humiliation and the Making of History

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    No Simple Thing: How Rice Will Reshape the World

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    The Ethics of Unmanned Warfare and the Truman Conundrum

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    Will Pakistan Apologize to Bangladesh for its War Crimes?

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    The Resumption of Business as Usual Between Pakistan and the U.S.

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    The Obama Administration Defends the use of Armed Drones

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    A New Great Game in Asia-Pacific

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    The U.S. and the Afghan Train Wreck

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    The Revolution on a Laptop: YouTube Journeys through the Arab Spring

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    On Power and Delusions of Grandeur

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    Iran, Israel and the U.S.: The Slide To War

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    Revealing the Obvious

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    One Day in April of 1971

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    U.S.-Pakistan Relations: A Fading Alliance?

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    Testing Seoul’s Green Energy Abroad

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    Pakistan: Anatomy of a Crisis