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The Hypocrisy of Good Manners: Nuclear Weapons, No First Use and the BJP

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    Balochistan’s Inherent Value

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    How India views Sea Power

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    Sunni Baloch Group Executes Iranian

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    Balochi Extremists have a Unity Problem

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    Iran and Pakistan – It’s Complicated

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    The Case for the U.S. Staying in Afghanistan beyond 2014

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    Balochistan’s Mass Graves & Unanswered Questions

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    Largely Ignored Developments in Balochistan

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    Afghan Artist Meena Saifi Explains her Craft

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    Can Shahbaz Sharif Replicate Modi’s Governance Style?

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    Trade in Kashmir: Removal of Barriers the Key to Transforming the Region

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    Kasims for Qassams: Interview with Kasim Hafeez

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    Making Sense of the Recent Suicide Attack in Kabul

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    Can Pakistan Afford to Break with the United States?

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    Why the Taliban Attacked the Taverna du Liban in Kabul

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    Preparing to Leave: America’s Waning Power in Central Asia

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    Cursed to be a Bangladeshi?

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    Iran and Enhancement

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    Pandora and The Drones

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    Why Reports of Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Ambitions are a Fantasy

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    Review of Maajid Nawaz’s ‘Radical’

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    Washington and Tehran Share Common Interests in Afghanistan

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    Unmanned Aerial Drones: If Kill You Must…

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    China’s Central-Asian Game

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    Is the U.S. Losing Saudi Arabia to China?

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    Drone Strikes and a Strategic Case for Adversarial Due Process

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    Pakistan, the IMF and a New Loan

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    Pakistan’s Fresh Start

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    The Central African Republic: The Emerging Pakistan of Africa

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    Can Nawaz Sharif Save Pakistan?

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    Afghanistan: The End Game?

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    The Preeminence of Pakistan’s Gwadar Port

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    ‘Imran Khan, Jewish agent’: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pakistani Politics

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    Fault-Lines in Afghanistan’s Political Settlement

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    The Mixed Record on Abolishing the Death Penalty

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    Consequences of Obama’s ‘Asia Pivot’

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    Food, Disposable Income, and Rising Political Violence

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    The Iran Nuclear Debate

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    2012 “Are You Serious?” Awards