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Pete Souza

France and the NSA: The Tolerable Deception

  • Wisegeek

    Stealing the Keys: The SIM Card Hacking Case

  • Mixy Lorenzo

    The Folly of Data Retention: A Fool’s Paradise in Australia

  • Chuck Kennedy

    Falling Short of the Mark: The Eric Holder Dossier

  • Xinhua

    The Politics of China’s Anti-Monopoly Investigations

  • Wired

    Automating Warfare: MonsterMind and Cloudy Diplomacy in Cyberspace

  • Lawrence Jackson

    Obama and Europe: The Cost of Coolness

  • via Facebook

    Gluttons of Information: The Metadata Confusion in Oz

  • Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

    Bouncing Parliament: Surveillance by Emergency in the UK

  • via Facebook

    The Internet’s First Town Meeting?

  • Cortesía Andes

    Is the EU Helping Fund U.S. Policy in Latin America?

  • Book

    Review: ‘The Secret Sentry’

  • Eugeniy Biyatov/RIA Novosti

    Ukraine is not America’s Backyard

  • via Wikimedia

    Hypocrisy and the Surveillance Stand-Off: Feinstein and the CIA

  • Pete Souza

    Hollande, Obama and Monticello: When Empires Forgive

  • Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

    Taming the NSA: Obama’s Lukewarm Recipe

  • Pete Souza

    Obama’s Foreign Policy Message through NSA Reforms

  • Kit Fox/Medill

    Revelation of U.S.-Singapore Intelligence Cooperation Won’t Hurt Regional Ties

  • via Wikimedia

    Fred Kaplan Misses the Mark on Snowden Clemency

  • iPhone

    When Your Smartphone is Not Your Friend

  • KCNA

    Introducing our ‘Best of 2013′ List

  • PM Cheung

    Techie Code of Omerta for Colluding With NSA

  • Collage

    From Missile Defense to Chavez’s Death, the 2013 “Are You Serious?” Awards

  • Shawn Thew/EPA

    Judge Leon and the NSA: Outlawing the Metadata Program

  • Shawn Thew/EPA

    Political Wheel may be Turning on the NSA’s Surveillance Program

  • Kit Fox/Medill

    Unnecessary Necessaries: The NSA, Storage and the Marina Program

  • Bundesregierung

    The Merkel Factor: Germany, Angie and a Third Term

  • Kit Fox/Medill

    Turning Back Dystopia: Information in the Twenty First Century

  • Kit Fox/Medill

    Snowden’s Non-Reveal

  • The Guardian

    Putin, Snowden, and Cojones

  • The Guardian

    Edward Snowden and the Search for Asylum