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Tag Archives | Muslims

  • The Individualisation of Radical Islam in Britain

  • For Iraq, will it be Sunni Caliphate or Shiite Imamate? Either way, Moderates Lose

  • The Pakistan ‘Problem’ in a Larger South Asian Context

  • Clara Padovan/UN

    Al Qaeda’s Growing Influence in Central Africa

  • The Rise and Fall of Political Islam in Egypt

  • Now that he’s Won, What are Narendra Modi’s Priorities?

  • After Morsi, Injustice Persists for Egypt’s Copts

  • Narendra Modi’s Challenge

  • Devastation at Binta Suga market, in Maidiguri, northern Nigeria in March. Deji Yake/EPA

    Boko Haram, the Terror Group that Kidnapped 200 Schoolgirls

  • Are Muslims Anti-Science?

  • A French soldier aims his rifle during “Operation Sangaris” as shots are fired in the Central African Republic (CAR). Source: The Huffington Post

    France’s Nineteenth-Century Foreign Policy Fails in the Twenty-First Century

  • A Look at Muslim-Christian Relations in Ethiopia

  • Civilians seek refuge in a United Nations compound in Bor. Hailemichael Gebrekrstos/UN

    Africa has a History of Irrational Borders

  • Cambodia’s ‘Terrorists’: Invoking Terrorism for Political Expediency

  • Education Reform in Indonesia Likely to Backfire

  • Coptic Christians have long been discriminated against in Egypt. Mohamed Omar/EPA

    Copts Represent the Struggle and Power of Minorities in Egypt

  • President Barack Obama, with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, delivers a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House, Sept. 12, 2012, regarding the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Lawrence Jackson/White House

    America’s Moment to Improve Relations with Libya

  • Tuareg rebels in Northern Mali. Source: Al Jazeera

    Will the Rest of Africa Be the Next Phase of the ‘Arab’ Awakening?

  • Protests across the Muslim World: A Deeper Meaning?

  • President Barack Obama greets State Department employees after speaking at the State Department in Washington, D.C., Sept. 12, 2012. Pete Souza/White House

    A Call for Understanding: Observation of the Middle East

  • Death in Benghazi: The Dark Side of the Citizens’ Revolt in Libya

  • Should Boko Haram be Designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization?

  • Internet café in Saudi Arabia. Kami ArabianEye/Redux

    When Free Speech and Islam Collide

  • Dan Nguyen

    How Osama bin Laden Brought Me to Shul

  • Goodluck Jonathan addressing the UN Security Council. Eskinder Debebe/UN

    Nigeria’s Post Election Violence follows familiar Pattern