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Anonymous is Taking on Islamic State and That’s not a Good Thing

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    Is the ‘Dead’ Arab World Really Waiting to be Led by Iran?

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    Jihadists Seek to Exploit Widespread Sense of Abandonment


    U.S. Should Join Hands With Russia to Fight ISIS

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    How the Nonprofit, Government and Private Sector Can Defeat ISIS

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    Europe’s Long Goodbye to Open Borders

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    Targeted Paris Stadium Symbolizes Pitfalls of War Against the Islamic State

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    Paris, the Terrorists’ Magnet

  • Thibault Camus/AP

    France Now Faces Fight Against Fear and Exclusion

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    ‘Jihadi John’: How One Man Became the Symbol of Islamic State

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    Turkey, Qatar and a Doomed Syria Policy

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    Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom Stumbles

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    The Middle East: How the U.S. Grew Tired and Irrelevant

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    U.S. and Iran’s Common Interests in Syria

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    Euro Nationalists Love Putin’s Syria Gamble

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    ISIS: The Religious Fallacy Against History

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    Russia Races Against Time to Save Assad

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    If Not Now, When: The ISIS Threat in Southeast Asia

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    Three Takeaways from the Hawija Raid in Iraq

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    Islamic State Meets the Laws of Economics

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    Putin Meets Assad in Moscow – and Runs Rings Around his Western Critics

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    Are the U.S. and Russia Carving up Iraq and Syria?

  • How Will Turkey Deal With Its 9/11?

  • Players and Motives behind the Turkish Bombing

  • Intervention in Syria: Russia Gambles Big Time

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    Time to Solve the Refugee Crisis at the Source

  • Chest Thumping and Chess Playing in Syria

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    The Evolution of Displacement: A Jew in Iraqi Kurdistan

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    Is the U.S. Ready to Back a Kurdistan?

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    Behind the U.S. Push into Africa

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    A New Image for an Old Al-Qaeda

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    Why Putin Gambled on Airstrikes in Syria

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    Fighting Islamic State: Getting Down To Root Causes

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    U.S. Mideast Policy Advisors Needed

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    The Gulf: Not All That’s Gold Glitters

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    The Kurdish Calculus

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    Liberating Sirte from Islamic State

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    Islamic State May be Going Chemical. Why No International Outcry?

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    Why They Fight

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    Cameron’s Syria Drone Strike ‘Revelation’ is a Diversion