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ISIS is Expanding in Southeast Asia

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    Afghanistan or Syria? How Foreign Jihadists Decide Where to Go

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    How America and the World Combats ISIS

  • Barry Loo/U.S. Air Force

    Pakistan: Civil Conflict, Natural Disaster, and Partisan Welfare

  • Olivier Ortelpa

    ISIS, Islam, and Islamophobia: Interview with Caner Dagli

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    Religion for the Sake of Realism: Iran and the Arabs

  • CNN

    Orientalism is Thriving

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    Is Nuclear Balancing in the Middle East Possible?

  • Al Jazeera

    Four Years After Gaddafi, Libya Is a Failed State

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    An Afghan-American Perspective on the Killing of Farkhunda

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    Saudis Step Up in Yemen, but at What Cost?

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    The Islamic State’s Theater of the Grotesque

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    Yemen: The Final Straw?

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    The Virtual Significance of Boko Haram’s Pledge to ISIS

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    Reimagining the IS Debate

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    Apocalyptic Erotica Now: The Allure of Islamic State Online

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    The Rise of Islamic Extremism

  • Pete Souza

    U.S. Spin on Middle East Violence Must Change

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    The Women of Terror

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    When Enough is Enough, Time to Act!

  • Xinhua

    Yemen’s New Youth Revolution

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    Economic Woes Fuel the Conflict in Yemen

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    Yemen: A Handful of Dust?

  • Raqqa Media Center

    Bahrain’s Daesh Dilemma

  • Frédéric de La Mure/MAEDI

    War Begets War: It’s Not about Islam; It Never Was

  • Valentina Calà

    We Have Lost

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    The Increase of Islamist Attacks is Alarming

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    Yemen: A Meta-Mess

  • Charlie Hebdo

    We are all Charlie Hebdo – and this is an Attack on our Rights

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    Islamic State and Al-Qaeda: The Threat of Cooperation

  • Ahmed Deeb/AFP/Getty Images via In These Times

    Should We Oppose Intervention Against ISIS?

  • Afghanistan

    A Controversial Peace: Forcing Countries to Behave

  • NBC News

    The Sydney Siege: Lessons in Restraint and Perspective

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    Abu Dhabi: A Murder Most Foul

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    Staying the Course: Support for Yemen

  • Pakistan

    The Wagah Bombing and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Pakistan

  • David Cameron/Facebook

    The Presumption of Guilt: David Cameron and Islamic Radicalisation

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    Yemen On the Brink: A Failure of Democracy?

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    It’s time for Muslim Nations to take the Lead

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    Beheadings are the Middle East’s Twisted Ice Bucket Challenge