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Russia-Iran Weapons Sale a Deal of Mutual Opportunity

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    The Hillary Clinton Doctrine

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    Not Just a Proxy War: Yemen’s Strategic Importance

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    Iran’s Left: A Challenge

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    Can Diplomacy Work in the Middle East?

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    Is Nuclear Balancing in the Middle East Possible?

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    Is a ‘Unity’ Government a Good Bet for Israel?

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    Doing the Nuclear Dance: The Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

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    Bibi Should Take the Deal

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    Iran Nuclear Deal: The Public Opinion Hurdles Ahead

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    What Iran Deal Could Mean for the Region – and the World

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    Manufacturing a ‘Good Adversary’ in Tehran

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    Saudis Step Up in Yemen, but at What Cost?

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    Mao and Washington’s Iran Policy

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    Israel Denies Spying on U.S.-Iran Nuclear Talks

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    Yemen: The Final Straw?

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    Nuclear Deal Offers Some Hope for Iran’s Economy

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    Iran Nuclear Talks Closing in on Final Agreement

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    Read White House Letter to Sen. Corker

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    Cotton’s Iran Letter: The GOP, Iran, and Diplomatic Sabotage

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    Republicans Fail in Attempt at a Civics Lecture to Iranian Leaders

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    China’s Influence in the Persian Gulf

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    A Failure by Any Standard: The Foreign Policy of Benjamin Netanyahu

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    Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi

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    My Takeaway from Bibi’s Speech

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    Obama Tastes the Bitter Fruit of Appeasement

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    What to Listen for in Netanyahu’s Speech Today

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    Tikrit Offensive: U.S. and Iran Line Up Against Islamic State

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    Is Netanyahu’s Speech Much Ado About Nothing?

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    Bibi’s Dance with Congress: Israel and the Botched Invitation

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    GCC-Iran Relations in the Wake of Strategic Shifts in the Gulf

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    U.S. Policy on the Islamic State: Retying the Gordian Knot


    Russia and Iran: The Implications of a Reactionary Alliance

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    Losing the Forest of Iran Policy for the Trees of a Nuclear Deal

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    The Tehran Test Run

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    Yemen’s New Youth Revolution

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    Economic Woes Fuel the Conflict in Yemen

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    Galant’s Gallant Act

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    Falling Oil Prices Hamstring Iran’s Economy

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    The Bilious Bond Between Bibi, Barack, and Boehner