The Politics of Narendra Modi

February 9, 2012 by

For past few months, Narendra Modi has been mentioned as the next Prime Minister in India in the event of the ruling UPA coalition government is not in a position to form a unity government due to its involvement in several cases of corruption. India, led by Prime Minister Manmoham Singh, has not mollified his critics and addressed the allegations of corruption against his administration. Although Modi’s name has been appearing frequently since the Godhra case of 2002, his increasing popularity suggests that he might be the suitable choice for the prime ministership.

Anna Hazare and the Idea of Gandhi

August 30, 2011 by

In the past two weeks, the world was captivated by the bitter confrontation between the Indian government and a short, bespectacled, seventy-four-year old man called Anna Hazare, a self-styled anti-corruption crusader. On August 16th, Hazare’s arrest and internment in Tihar jail, South Asia’s largest complex of high security prisons, sparked candlelit marches across the country, leading a shaken government to order his release in less than twelve hours. In a stunning turnaround, Hazare declined to leave, insisting that the government remove all conditions on his ‘fast-unto-death’ in protest of the government’s recent anti-corruption legislation, which he said was not strong enough.

When State Power Faces People Power…

August 21, 2011 by

While Britain reeled from the recent violence and looting, extraordinary events were taking place in India last week. On August 16, plainclothes police turned up at a suburban apartment in the capital, New Delhi, and took a septuagenarian activist, Anna Hazare, into custody. He was just about to begin a hunger strike as part of an anti-corruption movement. The decision to arrest Hazare and take him to the Tihar jail, a notorious high-security prison with inmates locked up for corruption and other serious crimes, triggered a public backlash not witnessed in India for decades.