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Hussein Tantawi

Tag Archives | Hussein Tantawi

  • Coptic Christians protesting in 2011. Photo: Omar Robert Hamilton

    After Morsi, Injustice Persists for Egypt’s Copts

  • Leon Panetta visiting with Mohamed Morsi in Cairo

    Mohamed Morsi’s Evolving Relationship with Egypt’s Military

  • Confusion and Instability in Egypt

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meeting with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

    Clinton meets with Morsi to Chart a Diplomatic Path

  • Time to Talk Camp David: Will New Egypt Meet Old Expectations?

  • Spray painted fence near Tahrir Square. Photo: Fady Aziz

    What’s Next in Egypt?

  • Whose Egypt?

  • The Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Democracy

  • A general view for the first Egyptian parliament session after the revolution that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, January 23, 2012. Asmaa Waguih/Reuters

    Back to Square One in Egypt?

  • Protesters marching on Egypt’s High Court. Photo: Al Hussainy Mohamed

    Sacrificing Mubarak to Save His Regime

  • What’s Changed in Egypt?

  • Egyptian voter in Cairo. Photo: Jonathan Rashad

    Reading the Egyptian Elections

  • Egypt’s Presidential Election Results: The Sacking of a Revolution

  • Egyptian presidential candidate Amr Moussa. Source: Al Jazeera

    Egypt’s Presidential Election: The U.S. Pushes for Amr Moussa

  • Salafi Islamists rally in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Photo: Jonathan Rashad

    The Calculus of Egypt’s Presidential Race

  • President Barack Obama holds a roundtable interview with regional reporters Jamal Kashoggi and Sarkis Naoum at Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009.  Pete Souza/White House

    U.S. Expectations Must Change in the Middle East

  • Protest march against Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Photo: Jonathan Rashad

    Tunisia and Egypt One Year On

  • A young protester, his face painted with the Egyptian flag, stands in Tahrir with a banner: "No to injustice... No to Corruption...No to the Field Marshal (Tantawi)...No to the Military Council".  Photo: Hossam el-Hamalawy

    The ABC of Egypt and Western Hegemony

  • Parliament members Ziyad Olaimy and Bassem Kamel outside the People's Assembly. Photo: Jonathan Rashad

    Islamic Parties win 75 percent of Seats in Egypt’s Elections

  • Voters participate in Egypt’s presidential election. Photo: Jonathan Rashad

    The Mubarak Hangover: Explaining Egypt’s Turbulent Transition

  • Egyptian security outside Egypt’s Parliament. Photo by Jonathan Rashad

    Back to Tahrir Square

  • Defense Secretary Leon Panetta meets with Egyptian Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi at the Egyptian Ministry of Defense headquarters in Cairo

    Election Season in Egypt about more than the Muslim Brotherhood

  • President Barack Obama talks with members of his Middle East Policy team in the Oval Office, Sept. 1, 2010. Pete Souza/White House

    Arab Spring, Israeli Isolation

  • Reuters

    Libya’s Coming Islamist Government

  • DoD Photo

    The U.S. Military and Egypt

  • Ambassador John Bolton speaking at CPAC 2012. Photo: Mark Taylor

    CPAC and Egypt: A Missed Opportunity