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Charles Wiriawan

Education Reform in Indonesia Likely to Backfire

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    Blood Sport Returns to Afghanistan

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    Brief Thoughts on the Kerry Nomination and U.S.-Lanka Relations

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    Washington’s Asia Pivot

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    Coping with the Challenges of Terrorism and International Law

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    Reconciliation’s Long Road in Sri Lanka

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    Fostering a New Generation of African Leaders

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    U.S. Foreign Policy in Central and South Asia

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    Sri Lanka’s Next Steps: A LLRC Shadow Action Plan

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    M23, North Kivu and why Rwanda’s Donors Might Hold the Key to Peace

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    The Arab Spring Didn’t Buy the West Many Friends

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    Burma Washes Its Hands of the Rohingyas

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    UK Seeks to Strengthen Middle East Ties

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    Is Rwanda a African Success Story or a Tarnished Donor Darling?

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    Human rights in Sri Lanka: Between the UN and the US

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    “Muslim Women Let’s Get Topless”: Off the Mark with FEMEN

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    Emerging Powers expand ties with Africa

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    David Hicks: The Man Who Was Chemically Tortured

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    Patience and Doubt amidst Gradual Reforms in Myanmar

  • Pussy Riot Affair: When Religion and Politics Mix

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    Brazil as a Positive Force in Africa

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    Products with a Purpose

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    Exploring Sino-Russian Relations: The Dynamic Partnership

  • The Question of the Salute: Rehabilitating Peter Norman

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    Paul Ryan In, Foreign Policy Out

    and 08.14.12
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    Ordinary Iranians: The Silent Victims of the Iran Sanctions

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    Syria’s Descent Raises Disturbing Questions

  • Ruben Flamarique

    Ethnic Strife in Burma: A History of Violence

  • Claude Truong-Ngoc

    ‘Democracy’ and Slaughter in Burma: Gold Rush Overrides Human Rights

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    Enter the Dragon: Will China’s Deal of the Century Save Congo?

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    American Influence on the Development of Democracy in the Islamic World

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    How UN Peacekeeping in the Eastern DRC Blurs the Line

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    Romney’s Approach to Foreign Policy

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    The Moral Obligation Next Door

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    U.S. Foreign Policy and the Human Rights Council Resolution on Sri Lanka

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    Women’s Rights in Malaysia

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    In Response to Houla Massacre Australia Expels Syrian Diplomats

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    Will Pakistan Apologize to Bangladesh for its War Crimes?

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    Chinese Domestic Policy and Sino-North Korean Relations

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    Minister Peiris Goes to Washington