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Soccer Is Politics

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    Egyptian Soccer Fans Put Youth Disillusion with Elections on Public Display

  • Why Sisi Cannot Be a Mubarak

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    Sisi’s Throne in Peril

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    Cairo’s ‘Zabaleen’: A Rare Success Story

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    A New Egypt: When Silence Can Kill

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    Will We See a Return to the Policy of Dictatorial Support?

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    Is Turkey’s Future a Liberal One?

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    What Did the Arab Spring Accomplish?

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    How to End the Gaza War Once and For All

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    Reporting the Middle East: Please Go Back to the Streets

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    The Rise and Fall of Political Islam in Egypt

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    Sisi’s Egypt

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    The UAE’s Preservation of the Status Quo

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    Egypt and Israel have Maintained Bilateral Relations

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    Partitioning North Africa and the Middle East Might be the Only Option

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    Is the U.S. Losing Saudi Arabia to China?

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    Egypt’s Legitimacy Crisis

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    When Qatar Dreamt Big

  • Yusuf Sayman

    Turkey’s Unrest Currents Run Deep

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    Farewell Morsi: The Implications of the Egyptian Military Coup

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    When it is More than a Game: Football Violence in Egypt

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    Interview with Fredrik Stanton, Director of ‘Uprising’

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    The U.S. Aided Mohamed Morsi’s Rise to Power in Egypt

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    Copts Represent the Struggle and Power of Minorities in Egypt

  • Hossam el-Hamalawy

    Egypt’s Democracy on Hold

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    Egypt’s Political Showdown

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    Will Islamists Trump Democracy?

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    Long-term Peace in Gaza Depends on Egypt

  • Ali Ali/EPA

    Gaza Ceasefire Leaves Unclear Picture of the Prospect for Peace

  • Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi

    Islamists May Gain Political Control: Part One

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    Confusion and Instability in Egypt

  • Rowan El Shimi

    What’s Next in Egypt?

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    Whose Egypt?

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    The Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian Democracy

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    What’s Changed in Egypt?

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    Has Chaos Redefined the ‘Arab Spring’?

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    Egypt’s Presidential Election: The U.S. Pushes for Amr Moussa

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    The Calculus of Egypt’s Presidential Race

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    Profiting from Patience: Why Israel Should Not Act Unilaterally Against Iran