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What Does Merkel’s Victory Mean for Europe?

  • Ayman Oghanna
    Ayman Oghanna

    On Revolutions and Protests

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    Greece’s Dilemma: Too Much Austerity and Too Many Demons

  • London

    Lighting Europe’s Lamp

  • via Tumblr
    via Tumblr

    Europe’s Perpetual Crisis

  • George Laoutaris
    George Laoutaris

    Implications of Rising Violence in Greece

  • Stephen Jaffe
    Stephen Jaffe

    The Errors of Austerity: The Blanchard Prescription

  • Pete Souza
    Pete Souza

    Redefining Regionalism: David Cameron’s ‘Big Europe’

  • Latvia

    Latvia’s Economic Disaster as a Neoliberal Success Story

  • Bundesregierung

    The Merkel Doctrine: Exporting Arms to Questionable Regimes

  • Pete Souza
    Pete Souza

    President Obama Wins a Second Term for Whom?

  • Rock Cohen
    Rock Cohen

    Winning the Peace Prize: The EU and the Ignoble Institution

  • European Central Bank
    European Central Bank

    Has Mario Draghi Saved the Euro?

  • Eskinder Debebe
    Eskinder Debebe

    Remembering Ambassador Rodger Davies

  • European Council
    European Council

    Greece is being kept alive by the ECB’s Emergency Lending Authority

  • Wall Street

    Financial Predators v. Labor, Industry and Democracy

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    The Politics of the Economic Crisis

  • Mario Draghi

    How Far is the ECB Prepared to Go to Save the Euro?

  • Simon Dawson/Bloomberg
    Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

    Greece on the Brink…Again

  • Kit Fox/Medill
    Kit Fox/Medill

    Geithner: Europe Can’t be Left Hanging on the Edge of Abyss

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    The ECB is Quickly Running out of Options

  • Sebastian Derungs
    Sebastian Derungs

    European Debt Crisis: George Soros Exudes Optimism

  • Bundesregierung

    Angela Merkel’s Nein Problem

  • Euros

    The Eurozone Still Faces Several Challenges

  • Alex

    Future of Greece and the Eurozone Remains Uncertain

  • European Council
    European Council

    Not so Super Mario Brothers

  • Diego Crespo
    Diego Crespo

    Spain’s Economy faces many Years of Pain

  • Bundesregierung

    Germany’s Constitutional Conundrum

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    via Facebook

    Greek Elections and the European Union

  • Official Website
    Official Website

    From Russia with Love? Cyprus seeks another Bailout

  • Sotiris Farmakidis
    Sotiris Farmakidis

    The Paradox of Greece and Italy in the Euro Crisis

  • Carlos Blanco
    Carlos Blanco

    Another One Bites the Dust: The ECB Pours Cold Water on Bankia Bailout Solution

  • Samuel Aranda
    Samuel Aranda

    Has Chaos Redefined the ‘Arab Spring’?

  • via Facebook
    via Facebook

    What Next in Greece?

  • via Facebook
    via Facebook

    Germany is the Big Loser, Not Greece

  • Elsa Peinturier
    Elsa Peinturier

    The Tide is Turning

  • Outside the Beltway
    Outside the Beltway

    Paul Krugman’s Economic Blinders

  • Al Jazeera
    Al Jazeera

    The Puzzle of the 2012 Greek Elections

  • Parti socialiste
    Parti socialiste

    Europeans Have Rejected Austerity Madness: Will the U.S. Get the Message?

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    Spain is the New Greece