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As it Faces a Commodity Slump, Africa Needs a People-Centered Economy


    Deeper Regional Integration: An Opportunity for Job Creation in Africa

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    A Zona Tripartida de Livre Comércio (ZTLC): O Ponto de Inflexão Crucial da África

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    What We Always Knew: The TPP and Intellectual Property

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    Perspective on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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    TFTA: Africa’s Crucial Inflection Point

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    Ex-Im and the Pax Americana

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    China’s Counter-Pivot Response

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    The Bonds of Free Trade

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    Will Obama’s SOTU Proposals Survive Congress?

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    ASEAN May Attract New Investor Attention in 2015

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    The Global Race to the Bottom

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    U.S.-Cuba Thaw Stepping Stone to Expanded Latin America Trade

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    Will the Southern African Customs Union Last?


    UNCTAD’s Fiftieth: Prosperity for All?

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    Is the TPPA an Extension of U.S. Foreign Policy?

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    Can China and India Coexist in Myanmar?

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    Trade in Kashmir: Removal of Barriers the Key to Transforming the Region

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    China at a Crossroads: What does it Want to Be?

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    Malaise in the WTO

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    25 Steps towards a Smarter U.S. Foreign Policy

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    Redefining Regionalism: David Cameron’s ‘Big Europe’

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    India and ASEAN: Towards a Strong Regional Bulwark

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    Peru and the OAS: Seeking a New Way Forward

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    Global Warming can lead to Increased Global Energy Security

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    Democracy and Economic Growth: Part One

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    Time to Reset the Reset in U.S.-Russian Relations

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    The GOP: Retrograde or Reformist?

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    Prelude to Election: The Third Presidential Debate

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    China’s Rare Earth Export Restrictions

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    America’s Broken Political Process: Russian Bills Fail in Congress

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    How to Save a Stumbling ‘Economic Europe’

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    Putin vs. the Oligarchs: How a Failure to Protect their Assets could cost him his Job

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    A Need for Pan-Asian Institutions in Asia

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    Seoul’s “New” Political Parties

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    The Year of the Dragon

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    Russia and the WTO: The Politics of Economics

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    The United States and the Asia-Pacific Region

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    The Arab Spring’s Impact on Cross-Border Trade and Investment

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    Don’t Bet Against China