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European People's Party

Portugal: European Left Batting 1,000

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    The Migrant Crisis Comes to Belgium

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    Europe’s Elections: A Coming Storm?

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    Europe’s New Barbarians

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    Politics and Poets: Inspiring the EU to Act on Immigration

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    Forget about Reforms in Belarus

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    Sealed In: Hungary, Immigration and Asylum

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    Greece Crosses the Rubicon: Massive “No” Vote Endangers its Eurozone Membership

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    Pollsters Blow Yet Another Call: This Time it’s the Greece Vote

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    Is the Euroskeptics’ Boon, Investors’ Bane?


    Greece Has Reached Its Threshold of Pain

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    Greece has Fallen. Can it Stand Tall Once Again?

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    Nine Myths About the Greek Crisis

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    Greece’s Failure is a Misreading of the European Project

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    ‘Brexit’: Destroying European Unity from the Core

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    The EU, the Grexit, and Market Failure

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    Yanis Varoufakis: Greece’s Proposals to End the Crisis

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    Sanctions Remain Putin’s Primary Punishment

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    Macedonia, the Melting Pot Boils Over

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    “Addressing the EU Affairs”: The Admission of Turkey

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    Grexit and the Danger of Systemic Risk

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    Violence in Kumanovo: Macedonia and the Virtues of Corruption

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    Ireland has Limited Lessons for Greece’s Recovery

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    Greece’s Tussle with Turkey, Key to Athens’ Economic Comeback?

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    The Sturgeon Factor: The Scottish National Party and the British Elections

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    Europe’s Addiction to Russian Natural Gas to Continue

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    Greece: Fascists At The Gate

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    French Conservatives Edge Front National

  • Jason Mrachina

    Of Greeks and Germans: Re-imagining our Shared Future

  • Marine Le Pen

    France’s Front National Gaining in the Polls

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    New EU Energy Union Aims to Break Dependence on Russia

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    A Failure by Any Standard: The Foreign Policy of Benjamin Netanyahu

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    Fault of their Own: Grexit, Russia, and the EU

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    Europe’s Debt: Lies & Myths

  • Greece

    How likely is the Greek Bailout Strategy to Succeed?

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    Syriza and the Paradox of Populism

  • Eric Bridiers

    The Gulf and the Balkans: Islam, Investment, and Influence

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    Europe: Shaking The Temple

  • Yanis Varoufakis

    Negotiating Greece’s Debt is Risky Business

  • U.S. Congress

    Rising Government Debt and the Next Global Recession