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William Cho

The Chinese are Coming: Beijing in the Balkans

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    Can Putin Weather a Sliding Ruble?

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    A Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal: Crimea Must have a Cost

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    Populist Podemos will Shape 2015 Elections in Spain

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    Finland’s Approach towards Quirky Russia: Pragmatically Engaging the Bear

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    Canceling the South Stream Project: The Woes of Energy Insecurity

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    Materialism has Rendered Us Incapable of Understanding the World

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    South Stream Pipeline: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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    Pale Horse, Pale Rider: Death and Horses in Ukraine

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    Rocky Ride for Russia’s Economy Set to Continue

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    Putin’s Pendulum: Oil Realities vs. Geopolitical Ambitions

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    Russia’s Expanding Global Influence

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    Will the Political Will for Energy Reform in Eastern Europe Last?


    The Rule of Lawlessness: EULEX in Kosovo

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    Catalonia Poll Favours Independence

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    Time for Europe to Stand

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    A Republic of Influence: How GOP Battles May Influence American Foreign Policy Moving Forward

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    The Berlin Wall: 25 Years Later

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    Three Perspectives on Falling Oil Prices

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    Draghi’s Desperation: Panic at the ECB

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    Scotland’s Failed Referendum in Context

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    Europe’s Football Battlefield

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    Leaving the Doll’s House, the Scottish Referendum

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    Why Germany Can’t Avoid a Larger NATO Commitment

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    Will Scotland have a Territorial Claim to the Antarctic?

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    The Battle for Scotland

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    Decapitating the Union, the Scottish Drive for Independence

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    Expanding NATO: The Global Security Program

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    Sanctions & the Dollar: A Fall From Grace?

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    Is Putin Dividing Europe with Ban on European Goods?

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    Obama and Europe: The Cost of Coolness

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    National Socialism is Alive in Europe

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    The Dangerous Skies: Aviation Responsibility in times of War

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    A Hurricane in the East: Are Rebels Getting BM-27 ‘Uragan’ Rocket Systems?

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    MH17 was Shot Down for Money

  • Ukraine

    Blowback’s a Bitch: MH17 and the East Ukraine Campaign’s Long-Term Costs for Russia

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    Russia, the U.S., and Preservation of the Status Quo

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    The Villages Are Still the Heart of Spain

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    European Union Officials Meet to Discuss Russia

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    Of Strelkov and Stolypin: Tsarist Russia’s Last Chance