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China’s Rare Earth Export Restrictions

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    Ordinary Iranians: The Silent Victims of the Iran Sanctions

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    Figuring out Ecuador’s Foreign Policy: From Lukashenko to Assange

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    China’s Involvement in Mozambique

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    Enter the Dragon: Will China’s Deal of the Century Save Congo?

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    The Chinese Central Bank’s Delicate Tap Dance

    and 07.16.12
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    Oil and Hegemon

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    China, Africa and Implications for the United States

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    Russia and Romney’s Approach to Foreign Policy

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    On the Killing of Olaitan Oyerinde

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    The Futility of Talk: Why Negotiations with Iran Won’t Work…Yet

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    Ethiopia: World Bank to Fund Destructive Dam through the Backdoor?

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    Putin vs. the Oligarchs: How a Failure to Protect their Assets could cost him his Job

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    Sudan’s Oil War

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    A New ‘Rough Patch’ in U.S.-South Africa Relations

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    Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Why This Time is Different

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    Hidden Hands behind Sudan’s Oil War

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    Risk with Great Reward in South America

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    The Promise of Colombia

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    Coming Up: A Tehran Communiqué?

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    A Need for Pan-Asian Institutions in Asia

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    China: Tehran’s Reprieve?

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    Losing Bolivia: Evo Morales’ Failing Presidency

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    A (Real) Turning Point in U.S.-Latin American Relations?

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    Revisiting Helms-Burton

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    Review of the BBC’s This World: ‘Inside the Meltdown’

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    Africa, Nuclear Security and the 2012 Summit

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    Post-Fukushima Japan’s Energy Market

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    Is Putin Capable of Crafting a Pragmatic Foreign Policy?

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    Iran, Israel and the U.S.: The Slide To War

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    Why is Iran interested in Latin America?

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    Protecting Progress: South America’s Battle with Chevron

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    The American Revolution for Energy Independence

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    Boko Haram Brings Nigeria to the Brink of Collapse

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    The Symbolism of the Keystone XL Pipeline

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    A Case for a United Nigeria

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    The U.S. Reassesses the China-Africa Relationship

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    China, South Korean Energy Competition

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    Testing Seoul’s Green Energy Abroad

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    Ruthlessly Pursuing Middle East Grand Strategy