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Despite Shell’s About-Face, Interest in Arctic Oil Grows

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    Beijing Feels Pressure from its ‘Soft Power’ Strategy

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    India has a Coal Problem

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    Alberta’s New Government Means Uncertainty for Canada’s Oil Industry

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    Can Uganda Escape the Natural Resource Curse?

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    The Impact of Energy on China/Myanmar Relations

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    The Environmental Impact of China’s Investment in Africa

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    Environmentalists Challenge Algeria Fracking

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    China’s March Westward and the ISIS Challenge

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    Nuclear Deal Offers Some Hope for Iran’s Economy

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    China’s Influence in the Persian Gulf

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    New EU Energy Union Aims to Break Dependence on Russia

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    Oil Glut Could Further Depress Prices

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    Could the Moon Hold the Key to the World’s Energy Crisis?

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    Falling Oil Prices Reveal Iraq’s Structural Problems

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    African Energy Producers face Oil Price Pressure

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    Falling Oil Prices Hamstring Iran’s Economy

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    Piracy in West Africa Targets the Region’s Oil Industry

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    OPEC ‘No-Cut’ Decision Adds to Middle East Divide

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    Jordan-Israel Energy Deal Faces Public Opposition

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    Canceling the South Stream Project: The Woes of Energy Insecurity

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    Bad Things Happen in the Dark

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    What’s in Store for Post-Kirchner Argentina?

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    South Stream Pipeline: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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    Rocky Ride for Russia’s Economy Set to Continue

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    Putin’s Pendulum: Oil Realities vs. Geopolitical Ambitions

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    Will the Political Will for Energy Reform in Eastern Europe Last?

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    Cutting Oil Production Will Not Solve OPEC’s Problems

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    The Case for Qatar

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    The Big Chill: Tensions in the Arctic

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    Why the China/Russia Rapprochement Won’t Last

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    The Petro-Dictatorship’s Unfortunate Love Affair

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    Three Perspectives on Falling Oil Prices

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    Rebuilding Afghanistan: The Role of its Neighbors

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    Algeria’s plans for Shale Gas Bring Risks, few Long-Term Benefits

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    Leaving the Doll’s House, the Scottish Referendum

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    In South Sudan, China Peacemaker Role Marks a First in its Diplomacy

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    The Battle for Scotland

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    Climate Change and Implications for National Security

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    Boosted by Party Congress, Venezuela Proposes New Reforms