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The Implications of COP21 for Africa

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    Financing Africa’s Development: Is it Time to Look Within?

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    The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – Laudable, but how Realistic?

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    Why Promoting Green Infrastructure in Africa may be bad for Development

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    Winning Africa’s Future: Food Security for All

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    Cairo’s ‘Zabaleen’: A Rare Success Story

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    How the Red Cross Raised $500M for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes

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    Is Food Security Prompting a New Race for Africa?

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    Illegal Sand Mining is a Thing and it’s a Problem

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    The Growing Potential for Water Wars

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    India and the Paris Climate Summit

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    What will Sub-Saharan Africa Look Like in 2030?

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    Education for Somalia’s Children is Key to the Future

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    The IsDB: Improving Monitoring and Evaluation


    UNCTAD’s Fiftieth: Prosperity for All?

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    YPIA’s 2014 Top 35 Africans Under 35

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    Education is the Most Effective Way to Counter Radical Islam

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    Stuck in Transition, the EBRD

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    Balochistan’s Inherent Value

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    Sorry Greenpeace, Golden Rice is a Win for Nutrition and Health

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    Development’s Tug of War

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    Rwanda’s Development Drive

  • Google

    Oil Theft in Nigeria

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    Paths to Achieve Peace and Security in Africa

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    China’s Dams: A Security Challenge for South Asia

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    Young Professionals Making an Impact in Africa

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    Obama’s Missed Opportunity in Africa

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    Will Congo Benefit from Grand Inga Dam?

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    The Preeminence of Pakistan’s Gwadar Port

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    The Power of Social Business

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    Sustainability and Development: The Disastrous Effects of Mining

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    Arab Spring’s Impact on Sub-Saharan Africa

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    Food, Disposable Income, and Rising Political Violence

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    Peru and the OAS: Seeking a New Way Forward

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    Brazil as a Positive Force in Africa

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    Products with a Purpose

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    Eritrea’s Regional Relations

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    China’s Involvement in Mozambique