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Religion for the Sake of Realism: Iran and the Arabs

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    ISIS Theoreticians have Honed Plans for Battle and a State

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    Why Saudi Arabia is Fighting in Yemen


    The Tragedy of Yarmouk

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    Is Nuclear Balancing in the Middle East Possible?

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    What to do about Syria?

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    What Do Syrians Want? The Syrian Freedom Charter

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    Lebanon: Safeguarding National Interests

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    Reimagining the IS Debate

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    The Folly of Arming Syria’s Moderates

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    The Case for Assad

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    Why Bashar Assad Failed where His Father Succeeded

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    U.S. Policy on the Islamic State: Retying the Gordian Knot

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    Syria: Turkey In The Fray

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    Should We Oppose Intervention Against ISIS?

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    Rotten in the State of the Pentagon: The Chuck Hagel Sacking

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    Russia is Further Isolated by Supporting Assad Regime

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    Expect an Increase in U.S. Activity in the Middle East

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    Turkey’s Convoluted Path Suggests a Tough Fit Within U.S.-Defined Mission

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    The Rise of ISIS: Who’s to Blame?

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    The PKK and Turkey’s Tough Position

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    Spreading the Conflict: Turkey and Australia Join In Attacking ISIS

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    It’s time for Muslim Nations to take the Lead

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    U.S. ISIS Strategy Should Involve Assad

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    The Politics of the Anti-ISIS Coalition

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    Q&A with Vijay Prashad on the Islamic State

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    Foreign Policy, Lord Palmerston & Appendectomies

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    With the Islamic State, U.S. Getting Ready for Its “Suez Crisis” Post-Imperial Close-Up

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    Ramping up the Alert: The Terror Threat in Australia

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    America Pivots Back to the Middle East

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    Turkey’s Iran Quandary

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    Will We See a Return to the Policy of Dictatorial Support?

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    Avoiding the People’s Representatives: ISIS and Congress

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    Saudi Arabia’s Regional Dual-Strategy

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    What Did the Arab Spring Accomplish?

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    After 3 Years, Where is Syria Headed?

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    ISIS is the Mafia of the Middle East

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    Let Iraq Fail

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    Beyond Iraq: Causes and Consequences of the ISIS Advance

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    Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Defusing the Powder-Keg