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The Paracel Paradox

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    Democracy, not Religion, should be Obama’s Message to Modi

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    Why Americans Should stop Saying “I don’t Care”

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    Bangladesh Military’s Political Retreat: Sheikh Hasina’s War on Yunus and U.S.

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    Bangladeshi Minister Sacked after Anti-Hajj Remarks

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    Indo-Bangladesh Relations Revisited

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    Maritime Piracy in Bangladesh

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    Kenya, Corruption, and Terrorism

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    Modi Unlikely to Forgive the U.S.

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    Indian Migrants in Qatar and Narendra Modi’s Predicament

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    Open Letter to Aung San Suu Kyi

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    Lack of Accountability in Myanmar

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    Bangladesh: New Battle for Old World Axis

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    India-Bangladesh River Water Sharing: Politics over Cooperation

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    Cursed to be a Bangladeshi?

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    China’s Dams: A Security Challenge for South Asia

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    Peripheral Politics in Bangladesh


    Khadamas for Sale: Child Labour Bonanza

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    The Power of Social Business

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    In Bangladesh T-shirts are made with Blood and Tears

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    Bangladesh’s Identity Crisis

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    Observations on India-Bangladesh Relations

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    Eradicating Poverty through Social Business

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    Raising the Stakes in Asia

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    India–Bangladesh Land Transit: An Environmental Perspective

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    Ethnic Strife in Burma: A History of Violence

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    No Simple Thing: How Rice Will Reshape the World

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    Will Pakistan Apologize to Bangladesh for its War Crimes?

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    Social Business: Challenges and Opportunities

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    The Year of the Dragon

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    One Day in April of 1971

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    Bangladesh’s RTI Act

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    Bangladesh: Social Business Model

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    Bangladesh’s Legal System Denies Women Equal Protection

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    Grameen in the U.S.: Is it Sustainable?