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Zack Baddorf/U.S. Navy

The Case for ASEAN Military Integration

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    Payback is Due: Obama Should Visit Vietnam this November

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    Indonesia’s Haze Crisis Fuels Southeast Asian Quarrel

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    Japan’s Southeast Asia Charm Offensive

  • U.S. Navy

    China’s Ongoing Game of Chess in Southeast Asia

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    Could Asia’s Debt Torpedo Growth?

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    The Hillary Clinton Doctrine

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    Twilight of the CCP and Shambaughism

  • Erik A. Kurniawan

    “Bali Nine” Executions: Is Jokowi’s Diplomatic Offensive Going into an Overdrive?

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    In the Shadow of Zheng He: China’s One Belt and One Road Policy

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    ASEAN May Attract New Investor Attention in 2015

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    China’s New Cruise to the Paracels: When Business is not just Business

  • Chuck Hagel

    Parsing the East Asian Powder Keg

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    A Study in Distraction: Europe’s Pivot to Asia

  • Luong Thai Linh/EPA

    Beijing Stumbles in Vietnam

  • Associated Press

    MH370 will not change China-Malaysia Relations

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    China’s ADIZ Clouded with Old Tensions and Money

  • Kit Fox/Medill

    Revelation of U.S.-Singapore Intelligence Cooperation Won’t Hurt Regional Ties

  • Illustration by John Shakespeare

    China at a Crossroads: What does it Want to Be?

  • Mark Garten

    ASEAN, EU and the French Connection

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    Consequences of Obama’s ‘Asia Pivot’

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    Understanding the Plight of the Rohingya Muslims

  • Kirk Herbertson/ International Rivers

    A Dam Difficult Future for International Business

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    Washington’s Asia Pivot

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    India and ASEAN: Towards a Strong Regional Bulwark

  • Hillary Clinton

    Raising the Stakes in Asia

  • Ruben Flamarique

    Ethnic Strife in Burma: A History of Violence

  • Leon Panetta

    To the Pacific We Go: The U.S. ‘Rebalancing’ Act

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    Indo-Japan Relations: Growth and Future Challenges

  • Senat Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

    Burma’s Reform: An Opportunity or a Threat?

  • Pete Souza

    A Need for Pan-Asian Institutions in Asia

  • Chatham House

    Is Burma Moving Towards Democratic Reforms?

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    The United States and the Asia-Pacific Region

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    Tensions in the South China Sea but No Solutions

  • USS Denver

    The South China Sea Conundrum