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Pete Souza

France and the NSA: The Tolerable Deception

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    Greece: Memory and Debt

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    Greece: Whispers Of Battles Past

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    Fault of their Own: Grexit, Russia, and the EU

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    Europe’s Debt: Lies & Myths

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    How likely is the Greek Bailout Strategy to Succeed?

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    The Minsk-2 Accords: Peace in our Time? Hardly

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    From the F-35 Stealth Jet to Greece: 2014 in News

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    Draghi’s Desperation: Panic at the ECB

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    Why Germany Can’t Avoid a Larger NATO Commitment

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    Obama and Europe: The Cost of Coolness

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    How Crimea Pushed Romania and Poland Closer Together

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    The Rise of Europe’s Ultra-Right is the Left’s Fault

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    Marching On Moscow: Confused Strategies in Dealing with Russia

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    Keep Your Friends Close, but Your Enemies Closer

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    Why has the Eurozone Bond Market Stabilized?

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    The Secessionist Dream: Referenda, Recognition and Crimea

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    Crimea Votes to Secede from Ukraine as the EU Weighs Sanctions Against Russia

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    Why Kyiv Must Break the Stalemate

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    Putin’s Wider Goals in the Crimea

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    Political Wheel may be Turning on the NSA’s Surveillance Program

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    Bulgaria at a Crossroads: Old Tanks & Modern Mayhem

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    What Does Merkel’s Victory Mean for Europe?

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    The Merkel Factor: Germany, Angie and a Third Term

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    German Arms Sales and the Middle East

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    Lighting Europe’s Lamp

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    The Merkel Doctrine: Exporting Arms to Questionable Regimes

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    Catching Il Cavaliere: Berlusconi’s Conviction

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    Has Mario Draghi Saved the Euro?

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    Banning the Snip: The Debate on Circumcision

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    European Debt Crisis: George Soros Exudes Optimism

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    The Mysterious François Hollande

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    Angela Merkel’s Nein Problem

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    The Eurozone Still Faces Several Challenges

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    Despite Lack of Firm Commitments, Rio+20 Climate Summit Prods On

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    Future of Greece and the Eurozone Remains Uncertain

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    Not so Super Mario Brothers

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    Germany’s Constitutional Conundrum

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    Germany is the Big Loser, Not Greece

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    The Tide is Turning