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The Gazelle

Is China’s Design for Africa ‘Indentured Capitalism’?

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    Hope or Hype? Opportunities and Challenges for Africa’s Startups

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    Financing Africa’s Development: Is it Time to Look Within?

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    Ethiopia Rising: A Bright Spot in Sub-Saharan Africa

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    Optimizing Africa’s Food Systems

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    As it Faces a Commodity Slump, Africa Needs a People-Centered Economy

  • Muhammadu Buhari/Facebook

    No. Nigeria Isn’t a ‘Failed State’

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    Is Food Security Prompting a New Race for Africa?

  • Getty Images

    Illegal Sand Mining is a Thing and it’s a Problem

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    America is Being Hit on the Head by BRICS

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    Short on Energy, South Africa in the Dark

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    Leveraging Africa in Diplomacy & Business

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    The Environmental Impact of China’s Investment in Africa

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    Buhari’s Victory has Global Significance

  • Screengrab

    The Virtual Significance of Boko Haram’s Pledge to ISIS

  • Africa

    What will Sub-Saharan Africa Look Like in 2030?

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    Will Democracy Survive in Nigeria?

  • Hannah Postel

    The ABC’s of Chinese Overseas Development: Mandarin Language Instruction in Zambia

  • Somalia

    Halt of Remittances Threatens Stability in Somalia

  • Africa

    African Energy Producers face Oil Price Pressure

  • Nigeria

    Terrorism and Oil Prices Plague Nigeria Ahead of Election

  • Arsenie Coseac

    Things are Getting Worse in South Sudan

  • via Youtube

    Africa’s Rising Political Violence

  • South Africa

    In Search of the Next African Tech Hub

  • Pirates

    Piracy in West Africa Targets the Region’s Oil Industry

  • South Africa

    South Africa’s Power Crisis Inhibits Growth

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    African Public Opinion on China and the U.S.

  • Swaziland

    Will the Southern African Customs Union Last?

  • Paulo Filgueiras

    UN Security Council Monitoring Group Report on Eritrea

  • Daniel Berehulak

    Is Ebola a Matter of U.S. National Security?

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    Africa’s Future in the Global Economy

  • Tobin Jones

    Somalia: Conundrum of an Activist

  • Screenshot

    Why States are Right to Quarantine Ebola Workers

  • Google

    Lack of Courage and Common Sense are Ebola’s Greatest Ally

  • Google

    The Pornography of Moral Outrage: The Chibok Girls and Boko Haram

  • Historical Society of Pennsylvania

    Panic over Ebola echoes the 19th-Century Fear of Cholera

  • via Youtube

    Ebola’s Message: Close the Borders Now!

  • via Twitter

    Ebola Politics: Using and Killing Excalibur the Canine

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    Ebola and U.S. National Security

  • U.S. Army

    Is Djibouti a Reliable Partner in the Fight Against Terrorism?