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Living in the ‘State of Anarchy’

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    Participation and Rights: Why Do We Forfeit?

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    2022 World Cup Sparks Labour Reform, Just not in Qatar

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    FIFA Rescue Troubled Saudi King Salman

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    Qatar’s Economic Diversification and the World Cup

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    Middle East Conflicts Spill onto Spanish Soccer Pitch

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  • The Führer at Home: How the Nazi PR Machine Remade Hitler

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    Cleaning up FIFA and Football

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    On Santhara, Religious Freedoms, and Equality in India

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    Afghanistan: Normalization of Pain

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    Banksy’s Dismaland is Pure Magic

  • Against ISIS’ Destruction of Heritage, and for Curators as the Cure of Souls

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    The Deep Influence of the A-bomb on Anime and Manga

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    Asia’s Elderly

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    The Royal Family, the Hitler Salute, and British Policy During the War

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    The Sham Religiosity of Cuba’s Communists

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    Who Gets to Forget? What Srebrenica Says About Europe

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    Brenda Myers-Powell’s Story Illustrates the Need for Legalization

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    Reflections from the Congress of Leaders of World Religions

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    The Difficulty of Remembrance in Germany

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    The Real Nakba

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    A Jump Start for Sustained Peacebuilding

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    ISIS, Islam, and Islamophobia: Interview with Caner Dagli

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    John Nash: A Beautiful Mind and its Exquisite Mathematics

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    Orientalism is Thriving

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    Gandhi Statue Unveiled in London

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    Why do Americans Fawn over British Royalty?

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    Apocalyptic Erotica Now: The Allure of Islamic State Online

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    Here’s what the Islamic State is Bulldozing

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    Sean Penn and Globalization

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    Q&A with Nawal El Saadawi

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    Democracy, not Religion, should be Obama’s Message to Modi

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    Martyrs, Murderers and Monuments