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Syrian UN Aid Resolution a Step Forward

  • Axel Heimken/EPA

    Are Politics Fair Game at the Sochi Olympics? Google Seems to Thinks So

  • Book

    Review of David Folkenflik’s ‘Murdoch’s World’

  • Jason Verwey

    Who Votes for a Mayor like Rob Ford?

  • Shawn Thew/EPA

    Political Wheel may be Turning on the NSA’s Surveillance Program

  • Justin McIntosh

    Realities of life in West Bank and Gaza Stymies Peace

  • Michael Reynolds/EPA

    Boehner Risks his Reputation in Obamacare Shutdown

  • Christopher Jue/EPA

    The Olympics go Downtown for Tokyo 2020

  • Pete Souza

    Obama vs. Putin as G20 Meets in Syria’s Shadow

  • via Wikimedia

    A Dangerous Game: Israel, Syria and U.S. Air Strikes


    Syria’s Chemical Weapons: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

  • The Guardian

    Edward Snowden and the Search for Asylum

  • Rahat Dar/EPA

    ‘Imran Khan, Jewish agent’: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pakistani Politics

  • Arnaud Roine/EPA

    From Rwanda to Mali: France’s Chequered History in Africa

  • Afghanistan

    Afghanistan’s Long Road to Gender Equality

  • Ali Ali/EPA

    Gaza Ceasefire Leaves Unclear Picture of the Prospect for Peace

  • Martin H. Simon/EPA

    Heeding the Echoes of History as Global Leadership Shifts

  • Shawn Thew/EPA

    Round 1 to the Republican: Mitt Romney Comes out Swinging

  • U.S. Dept of State

    Death in Benghazi: The Dark Side of the Citizens’ Revolt in Libya

  • Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

    Saving Privat(izing) Ryan: Mitt Romney Selects a Running Mate

  • Abir Sultan/EPA

    A One-State Solution is the only way Forward for Israel and Palestine

  • Ian Langsdon/EPA

    The European Far Right: Actually Right? Or Left? Or Something Altogether Different?

  • F-10

    Australia’s Cluster Bomb Conundrum