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Cameron Wants to Bomb ISIS in Syria, but it’s Hard to See How that will Make Things any Better

  • Reuters

    What is it About Molenbeek?

  • Pierre Rennes

    Anonymous is Taking on Islamic State and That’s not a Good Thing

  • Thibault Camus/AP

    France Now Faces Fight Against Fear and Exclusion

  • SITE

    ‘Jihadi John’: How One Man Became the Symbol of Islamic State

  • RIA Novosti

    Is Putin Preparing to Dump Assad?

  • U.S. Dept of State

    Russia Races Against Time to Save Assad

  • Sugar is Making us Sick

  • What Makes Daily Fantasy Sports so Alluring?

  • RIA Novosti

    Putin Meets Assad in Moscow – and Runs Rings Around his Western Critics

  • Should Movie Studios be Worried about Netflix’s First Feature Film?

  • Meet Doc Savage, the Most Famous Superhero You’ve Never Heard Of

  • Cpl. Tyler Main/U.S. Marine Corps

    Behind the U.S. Push into Africa

  • RIA Novosti

    Why Putin Gambled on Airstrikes in Syria

  • CBS

    The Growing Link Between Intelligence Communities and Academia

  • Despite Shell’s About-Face, Interest in Arctic Oil Grows

  • ‘Piggate’: Inside Britain’s Weirdest Twitter Storm

  • The Führer at Home: How the Nazi PR Machine Remade Hitler

  • Otto Donath/German Federal Archives

    Europe’s Refugee Crisis: The Last Time Round it was Much, Much Worse

  • What’s a Politician’s Best Tool? A Razor

  • Do We Really Need a ‘Trainspotting 2’?

  • via Youtube

    Islamic State May be Going Chemical. Why No International Outcry?

  • Reuters

    Cameron’s Syria Drone Strike ‘Revelation’ is a Diversion

  • Jaimie Trueblood/Universal Pictures

    Prophets of Pain: The Art of N.W.A.’s ‘Fuck tha Police’

  • Ulrich Waack

    Khaled al-Asaad, the Martyr of Palmyra

  • DC Comics

    The Twilight of the Superhero?

  • The Science and Fiction behind ‘Blade Runner’

  • PA

    Banksy’s Dismaland is Pure Magic

  • via Facebook

    Virginia TV Shootings: Murder as a Media Event

  • Against ISIS’ Destruction of Heritage, and for Curators as the Cure of Souls

  • CDIC/Reuters

    Just How Dangerous is Sodium Cyanide?

  • Bandai

    The Deep Influence of the A-bomb on Anime and Manga

  • Jaimie Trueblood/Universal Pictures

    Compton Commodified: NWA was Always a Blend of Fiction and Reality

  • Jason C. Tillmann

    Why the Silence of Moderate Conservatives is Dangerous for Race Relations

  • World Bank

    Why Promoting Green Infrastructure in Africa may be bad for Development

  • Andrew Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Unit

    The Shaming of Walter Palmer

  • gaftels/flickr

    White Shark Numbers are Up. Here’s Why that’s Good News

  • Dado Ruvic/Reuters

    Who Gets to Forget? What Srebrenica Says About Europe

  • Osman Orsal/Reuters

    Turkey: The Rise of the AKP Interrupted

  • U.S. Navy

    Challenging the Chinese ‘Containment’ Myth