Binoy Kampmark

Dr. Binoy Kampmark teaches core legal courses within the Legal and Dispute Studies program for the Bachelor of Social Science at RMIT University. He has research interests in the institution of war, diplomacy, international relations, 20th Century History and law. He has written extensively on these topics in both refereed journals and more popular media.

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RIA Novosti

Power Plays: The Russian-Chinese Energy Deal

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    From Fixation to Fixture: The Australian Border Force

  • Justin Norman

    The Creeping Hand of Repression: Indefinite Military Detention and the NDAA

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    Letting the Rapist in the House: The U.S.-RP Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement

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    Deceptive Gyrations: Rebasing the Growth of the Nigerian Economy

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    The Poverty Incentive: Making the Poor Carry the Refugee Can

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    The Hypocrisy of Good Manners: Nuclear Weapons, No First Use and the BJP

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    Whaling Contradictions: Japan, Australia and the International Court of Justice

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    The Cycle of Violence: Egypt’s Military Solution

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    The Bombs that Failed: NATO and Serbia, 15 Years On

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    Referenda Watching: Crimean Separatism as Fashion

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    The Secessionist Dream: Referenda, Recognition and Crimea

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    Hypocrisy and the Surveillance Stand-Off: Feinstein and the CIA

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    Viceroys of the Pacific: Spying on East Timor

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    The Journalism Wars: The Resignations at Russia Today

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    The Manus Breakout: The Limits of the Gulag

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    Hollande, Obama and Monticello: When Empires Forgive

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    Deep in the Trough: The Politics of EU Corruption

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    Taming the NSA: Obama’s Lukewarm Recipe

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    Judge Leon and the NSA: Outlawing the Metadata Program

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    Breaking the Academic Stranglehold: Repudiating Science, Nature and Cell

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    Comic Relief: Capitalizing on the Useful Poor

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    The Puppet Who Refused to Move: The Karzai Dilemma

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    Japan, Australia and Canada: Climate Change Saboteurs

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    Twitter’s IPO: The Illusions of Technology

  • Jovanka Broz

    Tito’s Shield: Jovanka Broz and Yugoslavia’s Memory

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    Ralph Miliband: The Illusion of Radical Change

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    Nuclear Actors: Rot in the U.S. ICBM Forces

  • Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

    The Death Mill: Qatar and the World Cup

  • Kit Fox/Medill

    Unnecessary Necessaries: The NSA, Storage and the Marina Program

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    The Iran End Game: Nuclear Non-Ethics in Action

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    The Merkel Factor: Germany, Angie and a Third Term

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    The Putin Reflex: Tangoing on the Corpse of International Law

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    Turning Back Dystopia: Information in the Twenty First Century

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    Grunwald, Assange and Assassination: Loving the Drone Disease

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    Cultural Cleansing: EXIT, Novi Sad and Serbian Culture

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    Farewell Morsi: The Implications of the Egyptian Military Coup

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    Inflicting Death and Avoiding Taxes: The G-8 Stalls in Northern Ireland

  • Edward Snowden: Whistleblowing at the NSA

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    Kenneth N. Waltz: Realist in Clover