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Uses for Your eReader at Work


Uses for Your eReader at Work


There are a lot of ways to be more efficient at work, not the least of which is taking advantage of all the cool tech you use at home in order to make your workday run smoother, feel quicker and be more convenient. This isn’t just about cool new software or high-tech projectors to make meetings more efficient—the right eReader can be a great addition to your working equipment with enough knowhow. Since more and more eReaders are functioning almost the same as tablet computers these days—the NOOK Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is almost identical to Samsung’s original Galaxy Tab—you can often utilize these great pieces of equipment the same way you would an iPad or other touch device.

Business Meetings

The first and best place to utilize your eReader in the workplace is during long meetings; as stated by Business News Daily, tablets and eReaders aren’t just for fun. As long as you’re not using a “paper white” eReader a device with severely limited functionality, you can use your eReader to be more efficient during every meeting and conference you attend. This applies regardless of which side of the table you’re standing on.

If you’re viewing the meeting rather than leading, you can use your eReader as a quiet, unobtrusive way to take notes during the meeting. You don’t have to invest in a stylus or mini keyboard, just the ability to work comfortably on a touch-based device in shorthand. Pick up a simple note app like Evernote or Springpag, both recommended by Digital Trends in the best tablet apps of 2014, then turn off autocorrect and start taking notes. You can use the same app for taking minutes and tracking the progress of the meeting for the other attendees.

For those running the meeting, you can create a schedule in PDF or EPUB format to view on your eReader during the meeting to help keep things on track; this will keep you from shuffling through a writing tablet or a packet of stapled paper during the course of the meeting, as well as making sure that you can always read your schedule. Poor penmanship will never get in the way of a well-organized meeting. It’s also easier to go through notes when they’re in digital form, allowing you to more easily facilitate good discussion and progress.

Keeping Up

Another great option for using your eReader at work is keeping up with your business. It’s easy to obtain a library’s worth of books specific to your industry, and with an eReader you can study them throughout the day to upgrade your work methods. Tablets, eReaders and other mobile touch device can contain hundreds of titles in a single, easily transported device, making it easier than ever to stay up to date on the progress and changing standards of your industry. Regardless of your position, company, or the field in which you work, an eReader is a great way to keep up with the competition and take advantage of industry leaders’ guidance—even if you can only ready when you take a break.

Beyond that, the more obvious options for utilizing an eReader or multi-use tablet/reader hybrid like Samsung’s devices include giving you the opportunity to get away from your desk during the day without putting everything on hold. You can check your email with ease from anywhere your eReader can get Wi-Fi, receiving emails from anywhere and responding more easily than the tiny keyboard of a smartphone allows with the tiny touch keyboards most of these small mobile devices feature. Utilizing a calendar app, or the calendar built into the device itself, can also help you keep up with meetings, appointments and other work-related calendar events without keeping a constant eye on the clock. According to, the best apps for workplace efficiency include FlexJobs’ Work+, designed for those work-at-home specialists looking for a quiet place to settle, and Asana, which offers a level of simplicity in task management that many apps miss.

Diversification of Devices

While many people still view eReaders and being nothing more than devices for perusing your favorite novels, the line between an eReader and a tablet blurs more with each new release. The thing that sets most modern eReaders apart from tablet computers is a sleeker use of the operating system, which cuts out a great deal of the often unnecessary company-specific apps included in a tablet; instead, these devices favor apps and features that encourage the pursuit of knowledge and information in an intuitive, natural way. These devices also have reading and research apps built in, making it easier to use the device for work rather than play. If you’re not running the risk of accidentally tapping the Angry Birds icon on your homescreen—which, face it, you probably have on your tablet—you’re more likely to use the device efficiently.

There are plenty of ways to work smarter rather than harder, and this is just one of the many pieces of modern technology that make it possible. If you’re looking for a way to level up the way you work, an eReader may be exactly what the boss wants to see.