Unified Video Conferencing Experience


Unified Video Conferencing Experience


In the article “4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Benefit Small Businesses” posted on Mashable, small to medium-sized companies that utilize web conferencing can take advantage of a ton of benefits. In the article posted by the Powwownow Blog, while some of those advantages overlap, others are entirely different and offer great insight into how a unified video conferencing experience brings businesses to whole other level of collaboration and performance. Here’s a helpful list of some of those handy bennies:

1. Flexible work arrangements: With video conferencing technology, going to work just got a whole lot easier. No need to suffer through long travel times to and from the office or to and from a specific meeting place. No need to sleep on the train or endure long commuting hours. No need to stay chained to your desk for all of eight consecutive hours. No need to worry about getting home late or getting to work early enough to beat the traffic. Video conferencing made flexible arrangements—such as work from home and remote work—possible.

2. Retain valuable employees: With 80 percent of Americans saying that they want better telecommuting opportunities, more and more employees, especially high skilled ones, are looking into the work from home benefits of a hiring program. If you’ve got valuable employees you want to keep, who need to relocate to another state or country or want to work from home several days a week, then this is a pretty effective way to keep the communication going. And with cloud based web conferencing solutions like Blue Jeans offering a variety of features like recording and playback, you can ensure your offsite employees are productive and engaged as they participate in day-to-day role calls and discussions via video.

3. Human factor: In an article from Wayne Mason, posted in the Tech Radar site, he mentions the need to create face to face contact. In a society driven by technology, traditional face to face interactions, especially those that need to happen on a regular basis, could be expensive. This is where video conferencing equipped with unified communication systems come in. A system that takes in web conferencing, social media channels, instant messaging along with email and other tools that teams can use to connect to each other, offers great value to its users. Mason mentions a research that puts 61 percent of users who want a unified web conferencing experience. Millennial employees number among the greatest number of users who seem to be rallying for this solution.

4. Global hires: You also don’t have to limit yourself to the local talent pool. You can take advantage of a global talent market. With a surplus of choices, you’re sure to find and hire the perfect applicant, one with the right attitude and set of skills for the job. You won’t have to hire anyone just because you’re desperate to fill the position up. You can also boost your internet video conferencing experience with Blue Jeans to ensure you and your applicants get the best recruiting environment possible.

5. Cost-effective: Given unified video technologies, businesses can dramatically reduce their travel costs and set just enough for crucial negotiations or top-management meetings that can’t happen any other way than in person. And because video conferencing allows flexible work set ups and schedules, companies get to retain key people in their organization too. This not only saves them time, effort and money on rehiring and retraining, they save on work space—as well as on desktops, chairs and other furniture—too. There’s also the fact that hiring global can net companies great employees at a fraction of the cost that it takes to hire someone local. All those costs add up to huge savings for small to medium sized businesses.

6. Strong professional and personal relationships: With video conferencing, teams find it easy to stay connected. It’s also a great way to keep in touch or check in with customers and clients on a regular basis. A picture paints a thousand words and that’s never truer than in this case. While email and text messaging are great for delivering bulks of information that need careful and considerable scrutiny, video conferencing gives that professional relationship the ‘human touch’ it needs, building trust and comfort level among users, whether it involves employees or customers. This keeps the team strong and helps keep customers loyal and happy.

7. Improved work-life balance: While a unified web conferencing experience saves everyone time, effort and money in the process, out of all three, time is the most precious. Once a minute is spent, you can’t ever take it back. As businesses become more globalized, and technologies streamline the way companies and consumers communicate, users get to spend less time on the process and more time with their families, as well as on their personal interests. This makes for well-rounded individuals with a healthy work-life balance. The healthier this balance is, the more likely they’ll stay on, ensuring that the company keeps its pipeline of valuable—and loyal—talent for many more years to come.

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