Our Top Culture Stories of 2014


Our Top Culture Stories of 2014

Culture stories

We’ve compiled a list in no particular order of our favorite culture stories from the past year. This is in no way to discount the many other reviews that we’ve published as either original pieces or cross posts from other sources.

Rest in Peace: Iran Destroys Baha’i Cemetery

By Elham Mahdavy

In April of this year, Iran began excavating a Baha’i cemetery in order to build a new cultural and sports complex on the plot of land it occupies.

The Islamic State: From Decapitation to Islamophobia

By Ismail Salami

The ghastly images circulated freely by the Islamic State on the Internet from beheading to crucifying their victims have incensed the international community on the one hand but on the other hand, they have regrettably encouraged instances of Islamophobia.

The Politics of Reincarnation: The Dalai Lama’s Struggle in this Life and the Next

By Matthew Ribar

The process of reincarnation has become a political issue in Tibet. Though the choice has always had political implications, given the Dalai Lama’s position of authority in Tibetan politics, it has previous been mostly aloof from interference.

Bangladeshi Minister Sacked after Anti-Hajj Remarks

By Arafat Kabir Upol

Bangladesh experienced something that no other Muslim-majority nation has before. A Bangladeshi minister has been sacked after his comments rebuking the annual Muslim pilgrimage triggered uproar in the country.

The Individualisation of Radical Islam in Britain

By John-Paul Rantac

In understanding the rise of radical Islam in Britain it is important to consider what is driving some Muslims to fundamentalism.

Saudi Arabia’s Escalating Campaign against Shia Muslims

By Catherine Shakdam

Saudi Arabia has a long history of complicated relations with Shia Muslims living within the Kingdom.

After Morsi, Injustice Persists for Egypt’s Copts

By Johannes Makar

Egypt’s Copts since the departure of Hosni Mubarak have become a targeted minority. The larger unknown is what type of hurdles they will face should Abdel Fattah el-Sisi become Egypt’s next president.

Conversation with Massimo Bray, Italy’s Former Culture Minister

By Kourosh Ziabari

Interview with Italy’s former culture minister, Massimo Bray, who has just concluded his second trip to Iran which he believes has been one of the most delightful and charming experiences in his lifetime.

Ethiopia Peace Corps Diary: Visit to the Port of Massawa

By Richard Lyman

Richard Lyman in his 20th installment of his Peace Corps diary enjoys Massawa and discusses Commander Ellsberg’s salvage efforts in the Port of Massawa.

For Sochi’s 20,000+ Muslims, Thanks But No Thanks

By Sufyan bin Uzayr

The Sochi Winter Olympics were a success on many levels. But for Sochi’s Muslims the fact that they couldn’t build a Mosque was an affront to many.

A Look at Muslim-Christian Relations in Ethiopia

By David H. Shinn

The Muslim-Christian relationship in Ethiopia has a mixed historical background. Ethiopia is located on a religious fault line, although the relationship between the two religions has been reasonably cordial in recent decades.

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