‘Easing Congressional Gridlock’: A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide


‘Easing Congressional Gridlock’: A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide

Carol BaileyCarol Bailey

The United States is ungovernable. Or at least it has been every time, post-Reagan, the White House has been controlled by a Democrat while Congress is in the clasps of a Tea Party infested Republican party.

An exasperated electorate is watching the gridlock. A playful, yet serious, manifestation of the resulting frustration is the pamphlet that my dear friend, Seattle divorce lawyer Carol Bailey, published recently and distributed to members of Congress in situ herself. It is, you guessed it, a divorce lawyer’s guide to easing congressional gridlock. (Click here for a relevant article in Politico).

Carol’s pamphlet serves an important purpose that the cynic in me interprets thus:

Politicians pretend that they care about the nation, like parents care for their children. This is, of course, a fiction in most cases. Congress is in gridlock because a considerable number of regressive politicians want to paralyse government, as part of a crusade to see the state wither (i.e. to wreck the social safety net, that keeps poverty and its hideous impact from rising and rising) once Wall Street et al were bailed out successfully. Still, if they want to maintain the pretense that they care about the nation, that they are its proverbial fathers, they must explain to their voters why they are reluctant to follow Carol Bailey’s advice!

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