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Intelligence Report on Sochi

Intelligence Report on Sochi

Sochi Olympics

The folks over at Homeland Security Today sent me a notification that might interest our readers as it pertains to security at the Sochi Olympics. While journalists for the past few days have been tweeting humorous stories of falty toilets, manholes without covers and hotel rooms that aren’t quite ready, there is a seriousness surrounding the games. With Sochi, Russia only 250 miles from Chechnya there is a real concern over security at the games and whether terrorists will strike. Homeland Security Today has partnered with BAE Systems to produce daily reports concerning security at the games. Below is the press release.

Homeland Security Today and BAE Systems have partnered to produce a daily report that provides a unique perspective on the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Throughout the duration of the Winter Games, February 5-23, BAE Systems’ Advanced Analytics Lab will be studying social media data to convey trends in the public dialogue around security, infrastructure, transportation, cyber events and environmental issues. The first report in this series will be published on Homeland Security Today’s website on Wednesday, February 5.

“The potential for terrorism — even cyber attacks — in or around the Winter Games in Sochi is a very clear and present danger. BAE Systems Advanced Analytics Lab’s capabilities to monitor social media and discern trends of concern is an important intelligence tool to apply to this important international event, and we’re excited to partner with BAE Systems to publish these reports,” said Homeland Security Today Executive Editor Anthony Kimery. “While the world gathers to watch the daily events on TV, our analytic experts will be watching what everyone’s talking about online to get a sense of what’s going on outside the stadiums, and the challenges facing the athletes and fans attending this important event on a world stage,” said Peder Jungck, Chief Technology Officer of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector.

The daily reports published on Homeland Security Today’s website, will include a variety of graphics and geospatial imagery associated with each report. Much of the data analyzed in this series of Sochi reports is being processed and visualized using BAE Systems’ Open Source Intelligence Product and its’ enterprise solution suite of Geospatial eXploitation Products. If you are tracking the Winter Games and you’d like to help our team gather interesting social media content, you can submit your links, pictures or documents to BAE Systems Advanced Analytics Lab’s email*. Please make an effort to include the original source of information.