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Photos: Syria’s Injured Refugees


Photo: Stuart Hughes

Among the tens of thousands of refugees fleeing into northern Jordan to escape the fighting in Syria are many people who have suffered life-changing injuries. Some of the injured are being treated by the charity Handicap International both in hospital and in towns and villages.

Below are a number of photos of some of the injured and their treatment.  Text and photos by Stuart Hughes

  • Syria’s Injured Refugees

    The Syrian border is just the other side of this olive grove. Many refugees live in the nearby villages. There are currently an estimated 375,000 Syrians in Jordan - but that number is expected to reach 1.2m by the end of the year. Text and photo: Stuart Hughes

  • Syria’s Injured Refugees

    Those who have lost limbs will need a lifetime of care. This workshop in Amman makes the artificial legs which will be used by Syria’s casualties of war. Text and photo: Stuart Hughes