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Ketema’s Farewell Party

Photo: Richard Lyman

Photo: Richard Lyman

April 11, 1964 was the night of the big farewell party for our school director, Ato Ketema Kifle. Several times he made trips to Addis to lobby the Ministry of Education for a promotion and he finally received one and was appointed the director of a school in Harar. Mr. Ooman, the very efficient assistant director of our school took charge of planning the event. At first there was a great debate between those who wanted a sedate cookies and punch affair and those who wished to have an alcohol fueled event. The debate wasn’t even close and the latter event prevailed. Mr. Ooman arranged for the party to be held in the back room of the electric company. The paparrazo from the Foto Vito Shop on the piazza was present so it was a very well documented event. The photographer would line up little groupings for numerous pictures just like in the society pages of a newspaper.

  • Ketema’s Farewell Party

    Pictured: Marty, Charlie, Demessie, Frank, John, Andrea and the author, Richard Lyman, at the party

  • Ketema’s Farewell Party

    Mr. Ooman speaking