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The Power of Social Business


The Power of Social Business

Rodrigo Sepulveda SchulzRodrigo Sepulveda Schulz

Social business is a viable mechanism for social change. It can potentially eradicate many social ills like poverty, malnutrition, hunger and others. The poor in Bangladesh have had enough. Now is the time to reform our social, economic, and political systems to tackle our social problems. Poverty is on the rise. In piecemeal steps, the government of Bangladesh is trying to reform our systems to improve our livelihoods. But it cannot do everything alone. We need other means. So, we must harness the power of social business to tackle poverty and other social problems.

Of the main societal problems that plague Bangladesh, over-population, poverty and unemployment are the most urgent. A significant portion of our population is mired in poverty. Unable to cope with poverty, many engage in activities that are illegal and undermine our democratic values. We must rise above these conditions. There is a huge gap between the haves and the have-nots in Bangladesh. A few are getting richer while many are getting poorer.

In Bangladesh, only 10 percent of the population enjoys 90 percent of resources while 90 percent of the population scrambles to share the remaining 10 percent. This inequality exists throughout the world. If this persists, the demand food and oil will grow exponentially. As a developing country, the effect of this economic crisis will have a devastating effect in Bangladesh. The society will devolve into chaos and crime, which will spread among the cities and villages across the country. So, we must utilize the power of social business to prevent these catastrophic events.

Unemployment is a rising concern in Bangladesh. The ratio of unemployment and population is significantly uneven. The adoption and expansion of social business across the country will provide employment and empowerment. As an alternative solution to eradicate poverty and unemployment, social business must be utilized within the various sectors of our economy. It will not be an easy task. In addition to reforming our social, economic, and political systems, Bangladesh also needs direct foreign investment, bilateral trade agreements, and open policies. Above all, we must achieve self-sufficiency.

We need to be innovative and creative. Social business is an innovative way of eradicating our social problems. As I said earlier, we cannot rely on government alone. The public and private sectors must step forward and take charge. By taking responsibility and utilizing innovative ideas independently, we can achieve self-sufficiency and become a responsible nation.

The intellectual communities, academics, scientists, and social researchers, must support social business. Their leadership, skills, and experience can enhance social development initiatives. Their courage can ignite and educate the general population to remove our social problems through social business. Social business cannot work in a vacuum. The intellectual communities and general population must work hand in hand to combat our social ills and to build a new nation. Bangladesh has two big resources – natural resources and human power. But human power also has a curse – poverty. So we must make sure to harness our human power to eradicate poverty.

World politics plays a part in exacerbating social problems in developing countries. The developing countries often play second track diplomacy, using political and economic influences, to dominate the poor and developing countries. This imbalance of power and influence must be removed. The developing countries need to provide economic support such as open trade relations and investments to the poor and developing countries to give them opportunities to flourish by becoming economically self-reliant and by removing social problems. Only then can we be able to resolve worldwide human suffrage. Economic, social, and political reforms in Bangladesh have a long way to go. But we must continue to utilize innovative mechanisms such as social business to rebuild our nation.

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