February 24, 2013

Indian Submarine Nukes a Major Concern for China

February 20, 2013

India’s K-15, a medium-range ballistic missile, was launched from an underwater platform in the Bay of Bengal on January 27. It signifies a major advancement in India’s nuclear capabilities

India’s recent successful test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead underscores its efforts to develop a robust and diverse nuclear deterrent. The test will disturb its arch nemesis, Pakistan, which will see it as a direct military threat, but it’s probably China that is worrying the most.

India’s new submarine-launched ballistic missile can be used for a quick, retaliatory strike and would be almost impossible to take out in a nuclear ‘first strike.’ It is also evidence that India is nearing completion of a nuclear triad — a nuclear arsenal that includes land-based, air-based, and sea-based systems.

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