January 29, 2013

Russia: Intelligence Services Ramp Up Cybersecurity

January 25, 2013

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor to the Soviet Unions KGB, recently received an order from President Vladimir Putin to develop and create a new system to ensure Russian networks can detect and thwart cyber attacks.  The new effort is aimed at strengthening the nations critical networks and sensitive IT system security.

The move follows recent revelations that some of Russia’s government and private sector networks as well as Websites were infected with a virus that has been called “Red October”.  The virus was purposely designed to collect sensitive information, intelligence documents and other classified materials.

The virus was initially discovered by the Russian computer security firm Kaspersky Labs.  The perpetrators of the “Red October” virus are believed to be part of a network of anti-Putin activists.  The decision to enhance cybersecurity is likely in direct response to the recent virus, but it has probably been building momentum for sometime now.  The realization that anti-government hackers were able to successfully penetrate and infect sensitive government systems seems to have caught the Kremlin off guard and is likely seen as a threat to internal security, as information gleamed from “Red October” could be used by elements opposed to Putin’s iron-like control over Russia.

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