Somali Solutions for Somalia

August 6, 2012

I recently ran across a series of papers published by the National Civic Forum in 2011 titled Somalia: Exploring a Way Out. The European Union and Heinrich Boell Foundation funded the project. The authors include Osman Farah Abdulkadir, Abdurahaman Abdullahi (Baadiyow), Yusuf Nur, Abdurahman Wandati, H. A. Dirie, Ibrahim Sh. Ahmed Mohamed, Ibrahim Abikar Noor and Abdirizak Mahboub.

The papers deal with the following topics:

-Does civil society in a stateless environment hinder or help in reestablishing the state?
-Formal and informal mobilization of the Somali diaspora.
-Abandoning comfort for an unknown cause: a lesson from missing Somali-American youth.
-The roots of the Islamic conflict in Somalia.
-Somalia: conflicts, interventions and reconciliation.
-Public-private partnerships: the way forward for reconstructing the Somali economy.

Click here to access the papers.

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