Somalia and Somaliland: Chevening House Declaration

June 26, 2012

British Foreign Secretary William Hague. Photo source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Delegations representing the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the government of Somaliland met at Chevening House in London on 20-21 June as part of a dialogue that began at the London Conference and continued at Istanbul II.

The Chevening House Declaration is unexceptional. It primarily commits both sides to continue the dialogue and cooperate in the fight against terrorism, extremism, crime, piracy, illegal fishing and toxic waste dumping. Importantly, however, it suggests that both sides are willing to continue the talks.

Click here to read the brief declaration and click here to read a congratulatory statement by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.

For a commentary on the declaration by Yusuf M. Hasan in the Somaliland Sun, click here.

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