Video: U.S. Commanders brief Congress on Afghanistan

March 21, 2012

Gen. John Allen testifies before Congress. Source: Los Angeles Times

Gen. John Allen and Defense Department Policy Undersecretary James Miller testified on Tuesday in front of the House Armed Services Committee on updates on the Afghan War following the alleged tragic shooting of 16 civilians by an American soldier.

Congress is seeking updates from commanders on the ground in Afghanistan on a war that is increasingly unpopular after a decade of fighting.

Also, members of Congress are seeking any reliable estimates if the progress made so far will allow for a transition out of Afghanistan by 2014, when President Obama has announced that the U.S. combat role there will end.

Gen. John Allen, the commander of U.S. forces told lawmakers during his testimony that “This strategy will work – if the strategy is coming off the rails, I will tell you.”

Their testimony to the House Armed Services Committee will be followed with testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

Below you can view their testimony in its entirety in front of the House Armed Services Committee.

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