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  • Pew Research Center

    African Public Opinion on China and the U.S.

  • via Youtube

    20 Key Findings in the CIA ‘Torture Report’

  • via Facebook

    Does Chinese Aid Mainly Go to African Presidents’ Villages?

  • Pete Souza/White House

    UN Security Council Monitoring Group Report on Eritrea

  • via Wikimedia

    No Israel Charges over Mavi Marmara

  • via Twitter

    Iraqi Peshmerga Fighters ‘enter Kobane’

  • Catholic Church

    Cardinal Raymond Burke ‘Demoted’ by Pope Francis

  • via Twitter

    Chuck Hagel: Kobane Situation Remains ‘Dangerous’

  • via Twitter

    Kobane’s Last Fight

  • Reuters

    Ebola in Africa: Chinese versus Western Health Diplomacy

  • Reuters

    U.S. Begins Syria Airstrikes to Dislodge Islamic State targets

  • Points of Light Foundation

    Points of Light Foundation Awards the Lint Center

  • via Facebook

    Modi’s Foreign Policy

  • NBC News

    Obama set to Outline Strategy to Deal with Islamic State

  • Associated Press

    Al Shabaab after Ahmed Abdi Godane

  • Associated Press

    U.S. Military tried but failed to Free James Foley

  • DoD Photo

    Obama OKs Airstrikes on Iraq to Protect Minorities

  • Science

    U.S. Sending Experts to West Africa to Tackle Ebola Outbreak

  • Associated Press

    Obama Administration: Russia Fired Artillery into Ukraine

  • Reuters

    Palestinians and Israelis Suffer Deadliest Day of Fighting in Gaza

  • Reuters

    Shias Embrace the Fight against ISIS

  • Reuters

    The Plight of Domestic Workers in Bangladesh

  • Chuck Kennedy/White House

    Obama Orders Resources to U.S.-Mexico Border

  • Alberto Gonzalez Farran/UN Photo

    China Sending Troops to South Sudan

  • Associated Press

    America’s Middle East Quagmire

  • Reuters

    Arms and Ammunition Flowing into Sudan and South Sudan

  • State Dept. Photo

    Petro Poroshenko: Fighting in Ukraine’s East ‘Must End this Week’

  • Associated Press

    Bloomberg Radio: Former Ambassador Price Says West should address Africa


    New $2 Billion Fund, China and the African Development Bank

  • Wikimedia

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky warns Europe on Russia sanctions

  • Vietnamese protesters

    Vietnam Protesters Attack China over Sea Dispute

  • Photo by Moritz Hager

    Thailand’s Constitutional Court Ousts PM Yingluck Shinawatra

  • Abdullah Abdullah

    Afghan Preliminary Election Results Expected

  • A woman wears a mask while riding a bicycle on the street during severe pollution on January 23, 2013 in Beijing, China

    Government Report: One Fifth of China’s Soil Contaminated

  • Ryan Joyner

    AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly

  • Ukraine's military

    Kiev Begins “Anti-Terrorist” Operations in the East

  • USS Donald Cook

    Russian Fighter Jet Buzzes the USS Donald Cook

  • George W. Bush

    U.S. Senators back Release of CIA Abuse Details

  • Hassan Rouhani

    U.S. Outraged Over Iran’s ‘Hostage-Taker’ Envoy to the United Nations