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Archive | Technology

  • Wired

    Automating Warfare: MonsterMind and Cloudy Diplomacy in Cyberspace

    by Arman Sidhu
  • Wikimedia, ABC News; NPR; Facebook

    The Entrepreneurial Bomb: Kim Dotcom and Internet Politics

    by Binoy Kampmark
  • via Facebook

    Gluttons of Information: The Metadata Confusion in Oz

    by Binoy Kampmark
  • NASA

    The CIA Helped Win the Space Race

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • The Problem with Amazon’s Drones: Dangerous and they Disturb the Peace

    by Brian Hanley
  • Youtube

    Lint Center Launches New Awareness Web Video

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • Youtube

    Flappy Bird Ready to Fly Again

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • Timothy W. Coleman

    Cybersecurity Threats Include Employees

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • Associated Press; Twitter

    Hacker who Targeted WikiLeaks is Going after Edward Snowden

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • NETmundial

    The Internet’s First Town Meeting?

    by Bruce McConnell
  • Rob Griffith

    Plausible Alternative Explanations for the Disappearance of MH370

    by Brian Hanley
  • Timothy W. Coleman

    Report: Iran Cyberattacks Increasing

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • dbking/flickr

    Parody Site for DC Metro Riders Launches

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • Kiyoshi Ota

    Hacking and Mt. Gox, But from Whom?

    by Brian Hanley
  • Tech Week Europe

    The Wild West of Cyberwarfare

    by Shahrooz Shekaraubi
  • CNN

    World War Three Will be Pre-Fought on Twitter

    by Peter Lee
  • antanacoins/flickr

    Hackers Allegedly steal $2.7m in Bitcoins from Silk Road 2

    by BBC
  • DoD Photo

    A Sane and Sober Look at the USS Reagan Radiation Contamination Incident

    by Brian Hanley
  • Apple Comp.

    When Your Smartphone is Not Your Friend

    by Peter Lee
  • PM Cheung

    Techie Code of Omerta For Colluding With NSA

    by Peter Lee
  • Reuters

    Twitter’s IPO: The Illusions of Technology

    by Binoy Kampmark
  • medilldc/flickr

    Unnecessary Necessaries: The NSA, Storage and the Marina Program

    by Binoy Kampmark
  • Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

    Turning Back Dystopia: Information in the Twenty First Century

    by Binoy Kampmark
  • Bletchley Park Trust/SSPL

    Bletchley Park, Best-Kept Secret of the Second World War

    by Laurie A. P. Copeland
  • airbnb.com

    Washington D.C. Tech Scene Flourishing

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • Kim Jae-Hwan/AFP/Getty Images

    New McAfee Study on North Korean Malware

    by Kana Kennedy
  • yuyang226/flickr

    DNS Amplification Attacks

    by Kana Kennedy
  • ctovision.com

    ‘Big Data’ Deemed Mission Critical

    by Timothy W. Coleman
  • Associated Press

    Edward Snowden: Whistleblowing at the NSA

    by Binoy Kampmark
  • itupictures/flickr

    The ITU’s Quest for Relevance

    by Danielle Crooks
  • How Hwee Young/European Pressphoto Agency

    Exploring China’s Great Firewall

    by Greg Dawson
  • DoD Photo

    The Cyber Weapons Gap, What do we really know about China’s Cyber Capabilities?

    by Franz-Stefan Gady
  • Associated Press

    The Empowerment of the Lone Blogger

    by Joshua Wallace
  • Wikimedia/loc.gov

    Arlington and Shenzhen: A Tale of Globalization, Innovation, and Technology

    by Iqbal Ahmed
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation

    Maintaining U.S. Space Primacy during China’s Rise

    by John K. Yi
  • giddy/flickr

    What about Apple’s Chinese Suicide Jumpers?

    by Claire McCurdy
  • Apple Inc.

    Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dead at 56

    by Claire McCurdy
  • DoD Photo

    BRICS are Conquering the Developing World and Space is Next

    by Scott Firsing
  • Facebook

    Russia Wins the ‘Space Race’

    by John Lyman